It seems on October 2017 she started her new work 拾遗录 (Shi Yi Lu) although the release seems to be sporadic. The series is currently on hiatus, but your aesthetics posts keep remembering me of it. However, Chang-ge should have already been about 6 years old when the Tang dynasty was established in 618 AD, so I’m leaning towards maternal family’s influence. The Production of Song of the Long March/Chang Ge Xin is now on hiatus inukaka: “ This is so heartbreaking… I have been reading Xia Da (romanized name … neetw1fe reblogged this from sireai. Tags: fav chang ge xing pls pls pls make this manhwa continue its greatness!!! tragicbaby reblogged this from rottingtits. Manhua yang disusun oleh penulis Xia Da tidak pernah berakhir karena hiatus karena masalah antara dia dan studio produksinya yang memiliki hak untuk Chang Ge Xing. Marchen - The Embodiment of Tales . Chunqing Yatou Huolala . Hana-kun to Koisuru Watashi . *°:⋆ₓₒ 햘햔햓햌 햔햋 햙햍햊 햑햔햓햌 햒햆햗했햍 ₓₒ⋆:°* Alternate Titles: Chang Ge Xing Genre: action, historical, drama, romance. Lucky for us, the author started Shi Yi Lu, which is a set of short stories that will be covering the background stories of the side characters in Chang Ge Xing. Chang Ge Xing has been on a hiatus since late 2017 due to the termination of Xia Da's contract with the publishing company, Summer Zoo. Only problem is that Chang ge Xing is still ongoing. your own Pins on Pinterest Li Chang Ge uses her wits to gain the trust of the Shou emperor and swiftly climbs the military ranks as a brilliant strategist. Choukakou Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty - because of a woman. Here’s ch 61.1. It's a fairly interesting and quite fun read—reminds me of the Fire Emblem … Hiatus. Magic Destroyer . Pemeran Sinopsis The Long Ballad Pemeran Utama. Anime Cinema - Qin Shi Ming Yue Tian Xing Jiu Ge, Qin's Moon: Nine Songs of the Moving Heavens, The Legend of Qin: Nine Songs of the Sky, 秦时明月 姐妹篇:天行九歌, Qin Shi Ming Yue: Tian Xing Jiu Ge - Plot Summary: Facing the threat of the Qin State, danger seems to lurk within the Han State, which is known as the weakest out of the Seven States. Arata Kangatari . GTO Paradise Lost . Todas las explicaciones que investigamos las deje al final del capítulo en TMO. It has some of the best characterization I’ve seen in a shoujo manga. The Production of Song of the Long March/Chang Ge Xin is now on hiatus. gandoilfo liked this . So I was really excited when I heard that a drama is being made based on it. Gracias por seguir tanto tiempo este proyecto, aunque seguiremos con la … Chang Ge Xing aka Song of the Long March (長歌行) is adapted from the manhua of the same name written by Xia Da. On Anime-Planet, we temporarily mark entries on Hiatus as completed, and change its status back to ongoing once production resumes. Sadly, it's been on hiatus due to legal issues. CHANG GE XING - 61 Y con ustedes el último capítulo de Chang Ge :(lamentablemente estará en hiatus indefinido. However, Xia Da continues her work with the Chang Ge Xing side story webcomic named Shi Yi Lu, and a new upcoming series named Bu Tian Ge. Chang Ge Xing will be on hold indefinitely due to the author’s health. Dilraba Rumored To Have Left Jay Walk Studios. Realized that part of my dissatisfaction with princess agents is because I’ve read Chang ge xing and Chang Ge is 30000000000x the heroine Chu Qiao is … Unfortunately CGX is far from finished and may never be, judging by the authors long hiatus and the copyright issues surrounding the series continuation with another publisher … Chang Ge Xing . Status: indefinite hiatus*; 61 chapters/ 11 volumes ( 2011 - ??) Soloist of the Prison .

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