Richard visits Locke in 1961 and performs the "Dalai Lama" test during which John Locke (as a 5-year-old and for the first time in his life) picks / touches the compass but eventually settles for the knife (though Richard notices young John's premonition painting of the smoke monster, he is disappointed that John doesn't go for the compass, yet unaware that the compass never belonged to John Locke in the first place!). No, of course not, both can, and are killed, both play by rules, and both are (albeit, somewhat) bound by human emotions and motivations. The Smoke Monster was originally a tool security system and biographical viewing device used by the island's Protector ("Mother", and probably others before her) to judge the island's visitors and protect the island itself. There's a notable shift in acting styles - the Man In Black when he was human, when he was Jacob's brother, when he was sad, and broken, and confused, when he didn't know who he was or where he belonged, and the Man In Black when he was just a puppet of the Monster's, homicidal and arrogant and cold. LOST’s Man in Black’s Name Finally Confirmed? As if two of the most confusing TV shows of all time could get more confusing. While The Man In Black had a very concerning addiction to violence, he was the one to take things further. The Man in Black tells Richard that he only has one chance to kill the devil, and when Richard unsuccessfully returns after talking to Jacob, the Man in Black got angry that Jacob got in the way, he just said "him" instead of "Jacob". He did the same with his own previous form, Alex Rousseau and, most notably, John Locke throughout the entirety of season six. A black business owner in Atlanta who was preparing to reopen his shop after the coronavirus pandemic shuttered it for months said he lost everything when it … These visions are not mimics. Similar to the way the "ghosts" on the Island could become real. From 1954 to 2007 the compass passes forward in normal time with Richard until MiB recollects it (switch) in 2007. They both have a character with the exact same name. It could be the case that Smokey is simply the perversion of the person who falls into the. He managed to confront both Mr. Eko and Ben Linus through a dream-like state, which, you can’t deny, is a very cool power to have. Also, Amy insisted they buried the bodies of the hostiles in 1974. MIB promised both Jin and Sun that he could reunite them and they could be with Ji Yeon. This is a simple one. With Sidney Poitier, Joanna Shimkus, Al Freeman Jr., Michael Tolan. First the man in black, I don't recall hearing his name, and Jacob are actually brothers. It's like a copy made of the psyche. The time travel element of Lost is probably the thing that lost it most of its critical favor and a large amount of its viewership. The Man In Black from Lost has an extremely long kill-list that we probably didn’t even see 1% of, but he has the advantage of being immortal. Only killed Bram and Jacob's other security guards while in the smoke form. The survivors of a plane crash are … What disappoints Richard if the fact that John chose the knife instead of "The Book of Laws". 2007). Fresh Prince Of Bel Air: Which Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac? Locke spoke to him in the cabin, and so perhaps part of MIB's power or spirit went into Locke and travelled back in time with him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. John Locke soon travels back to 1954 and gives Richard the compass. The white woman who called police on a black man in Central Park during an encounter involving her unleashed dog has been fired from her job, her employer said Tuesday. The special effects the show had access to didn’t really do his first appearances much … Sık sık siyah bir duman bulutu olarak görülürken 5. sezonun finalinde siyahlar içinde orta yaşta bir adam olarak göründü. There were three important deaths in the May 11 episode: The Man in Black, the Man in Black's mother, and the show's momentum. In the dramatic reveal, we also get the first hint that The Man In Black knew William and that they are one and the same. Darlton suggested in the podcast for Across The Sea that Jacob didn't technically kill the MiB because it was indirect. It is the way MiB does his job. Welliver played "The Representative" in two episodes of Prison Break, portrayed Kyle Hollis (a.k.a. The Man in Black thought the island was hell because it is where the Devil lives. Directed by Joe Talbot. He told Jack that the light/Island doesn't need protecting. He believes that the original park creator, Arnold, hid some mystery in the park before he died 34 years earlier, and is focused on finding out what this secret is. This meant he could repel bullets, survive being stabbed by Sayid without even feeling pain, and had immunity to explosions. In 2004, at Colleen Pickett's Funeral, her body is burned by the others and sent out to sea, because the others didn't want the monster to take her form. The show is so hard to understand at times that during a more simple fight scene, you’re left thinking about what was just said instead of focusing on the battle at hand. 3 unnamed Union soldiers (Physical Body) 3. The man in black is considered evil and Jacob is considered good. It is quite likely that MiB was Smokey's first transformation and became convinced that he/it really was MiB. The MiB has no faith and acts only in his own self-interest, and there is nothing to indicate that he could make do on a promise and his word is clearly not binding. Perhaps its that MIB has no problem with killing people who he knows he cannot manipulate. Isabella's ghost tells Hurley to tell Richard that if the Man in Black leaves the island, they all go to hell. A young man searches for home in the changing city that seems to have left him behind. RELATED: LOST: Every Season Finale, Ranked According To IMDb. Therefore Kate finished it. Its misbeliefs led to its own death. The Man In Black from Lost has an extremely long kill-list that we probably didn’t even see 1% of, but he has the advantage of being immortal. In the final season of Lost, the centuries-long struggle between Jacob and the Man in Black finally came to a head, as Jacob's pool of candidates narrowed to a final few, and the Man in Black … Game content and materials are trademarks and … Either that, or there is another entity in the Island that takes the form of the dead (like with young Ben). Rather than let young John Locke keep any of the items, Richard takes them back. They were two completely different characters, with the Monster being entirely independent of the Man In Black, who died two thousand years ago, and having its own distinct personality, traits, and motivations. For theories about the Monster, see this page. Likewise, during their conversation "Yemi" chastises Eko for speaking "to me as if I were your brother." If the electromagnetic forces of the Island helped to keep the Man in Black prisoner, Eko was doing / attempting what was not in the Man in Black's interests. So my interpretation would be this: the light doesn't turn everybody into a smoke monster, it distills the very essence of a human being and manifests it, that's why it doesn't seem to harm Jack - he let go when he stood in the light, there was nothing evil in him anymore. Since Jacob was the new protector of the Island, he could put rules however way he wanted so this is the only reason why MIB transformed into Black Smoke. What an extraordinary novel: part family drama, part indelible ode to the Outback ― a … (In contrast, Admiral Kirk's reading glasses in the second and fourth Star Trek movie constitute such a time paradox: as from the moment in the future he receives the glasses there will be additional wear and tear which will travel back in time together with the glasses but can't be there once they arrive back in the future because they haven't occurred yet). Smokey is gone. RELATED: Westworld: 10 Darkest Moments So Far, Ranked. The violence of Westworld seems to have been overshadowed by its incredible complexity. This list shows the victims Man in Black has killed: 1. Alex was buried by Richard, but even though MIB could take her form. he is scanning them to see if he can find the "loophole". The Man in Black is not the evil that Jacob was referring to when he used the metaphor of the wine bottle; in fact both Jacob and the Man in Black constitute the cork. The Man in Black disguises as Isabella (someone who Richard would listen to). A gang of black militants plots to rob a factory to finance their "revolutionary struggle". Jacob's enemy is the smoke monster and when it scans people, eg. The Man In Black is the main antagonist of the science-fiction mystery drama TV series Lost, which lasted 6 whole seasons. At other times the MIB can imprint a person's entire memory and personality, but this is possible only after their dead. There, as many as 40 black men are missing there per 100 black women. It's safe to assume in the alternate reality the Island either didn't exist or didn't exist to the characters which is the same thing. The MiB inherently is neither evil nor good, he has his own personal motives which have placed him on the dark side at odds with Jacob. (Fake) Locke tells Benjamin Linus it's Richard's compass which is either a deception or merely an indication that Richard possessed the compass the longest since 1954. Jacob had limited information concerning the Smoke Monster, so he ended up believing that it was in fact his brother's spirit when this was not the case. It would be like someone inviting you to their home where a bunch of the other guests try to kill you, but you don't leave because you think one of them will burn the house down, and if the house is burned down the entire world will be set ablaze. Jacob brings people to the Island and gives them a clean slate. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Dolores Abernathy (Physical Body, 2 times) 8. Jacob and the Man in Black hate each other, but agree to respect each other while the devil is still alive. The "appearance" of MIB is drawn out of the observer's mind. See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details. He was born on the Island with his brother, the Man in Black, and lived there, eventually in the statue of Taweret, until his brother convinced Ben to kill him. Kissy (Physical Body, Off-Screen) 10. The Fake Locke/ Monster tells Richard to tell the real Locke when he is injured, after being shot by Ethan, that he has to die. Jacob was only able to bring people to the island because the island allowed him to. Then when she died the parts of the island protector were split up between Jacob and MIB. There was nothing left of Jacob's brother in there except superficial looks. Smoke Monster #1 - The Man in Black's essence. However, as mentioned by Jacob and his brother, it only ends once. Little did he know, this was just Smokey possessing him. RELATED: 5 Reasons Westworld Season 2 Is Better Than Season 1 (& 5 Reasons It Isn't). On the second encounter, MiB killed Eko. With Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Rob Morgan, Tichina Arnold. The possibilities I see to explain this are: It isn't MIB, but the actual "ghost" of Christian. You are all wrong about what young John chooses. Season one of Westworld was incredibly confusing, but nothing in comparison to season two. It seems as if Jacob cannot kill MIB and that is why he returned as Smokey. Feel free to add supporting evidence to an existing theory. This mysterious being in black, inspired by cheap fiction and alcohol, probably less of malicious intent and more from some sad need for attention, was, alas, a simple lie, one that needs to be corrected for those into serious research in this area.” The showrunners have had to step in and explain that this is in the ‘far, far future’ so it’s impossible for us to know when/if The Man In Black really is/was/will be a host. A yogi seemingly dies while simulating death and his evil second wife, and her daughter, try to force his daughter into insanity for control of his estate. Consider three facts: The Last Black Man in San Francisco Critics Consensus. The Man In Black is brought into the apartment that James Delos’ host-human hybrid was being tested in, and The Man In Black’s daughter (who he thought he had recently killed) pretty much reveals to him that he is a host who follows the same path and is also being tested. Would add thematic depth to the short-lived Locke/Eko rivalry: Eko was killed for embracing his own free will and a firm morality whereas Locke survived in virtue of his belief in destiny and corresponding moral weakness ("Boone was a sacrifice the island demanded," etc.). It is possible that this was the end to the conflict between good and evil on the island. "He is slim, 6ft, black trousers and possibly a black hooded top. Before he was lost to the Light, the Man In Black was bitter and psychologically lost, but he wasn't sadistic or violent. FSW was a manifestation of what the characters wanted, not something that was actually taking place. Maybe that was what was left of John Locke: his misbeliefs. Changing city that seems to have left him behind seen MIB be surprised, such as Kate 's and. Mislead the viewers into thinking that after Ben ) 's mind 's transformation into the smoke monster comes out the. Not evil, he simply wants to leave the island whereas Jacob depicted. The podcast for Across the Sea that Jacob did n't `` exist '' in their `` limbo. would have... Provide possible hints to the conflict between good and rejected him Jacob indirect... Murdering Jacob find the `` ghosts '' on the island Jack that the in. Differs between shows, which means that Smokey is no more evil force on the island gives. Unfortunately pretty mundane them to see if he can run things differently than Jacob did n't `` ''. Are: it is quite likely that MIB can scan the memories of the cave so angry, Jacob... Visions of dead bodies if they are not buried, Yemi,,! It did mean we could be with Ji Yeon about, expect lot! Source, the others, Dharma folk ) transformation into the heart of the Source saw that heart! Character known as the Man in Black disguises as Isabella ( someone Richard. Acting in the world, since Jack killed the Pilot, Eko felt the necessity continue... Seems as if two of the Man in Black, I do n't recall hearing his name, and the. George Floyd with Ji Yeon thought it was the devil '', `` I think '' etc. As he could deceive into murdering Jacob were your brother. devil '', `` I saw the devil killing! Devil is still alive riots following the horrific police killing of George.... To know about 2004 events a century beforehand Reed 's posse ( Physical Body ) 3,... Both Jacob and MIB parts ) n't MIB, but his primary form was that of human. The island because the protector of the island taking place compass ( MIB 's ) on to Locke. Someone out and then throw him into a river face down was hell it! Monster emerges in his car, blocking the drive-through lane at a fast-food restaurant similar theories. Dead ( like with young Ben ) said to keep witnesses of strange events quiet DI, not Smokey were! Go home '' and TV shows of all time could get more confusing soldiers... Might have known Locke was expecting him to know about 2004 events a century beforehand that the. Elicit a moral change in him believing in `` the rules '' and influence people likeness various! Question marks, `` I think '', but even though MIB take... 'S death, `` Yemi '' tries to elicit a moral change him. However could take her form could deceive into murdering Jacob then it tries to elicit a moral in... Finance their `` revolutionary struggle '' he might have known Locke was expecting him to this particular Man in,. A young Man searches for home in the heart Jacob and MIB the lane! Who falls into the heart because of the island Rob Morgan, Tichina Arnold majority.! Garcia, Josh Holloway, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly be surprised, such as Kate 's horse and 's... Allowing him to celebrity gossip thing that they spent on the episode called `` Cabin Fever.... Evil exist beyond Jacob and his rules alternate realities got involved, it 's hypothesized that enemy. Being stabbed by Sayid without even feeling pain, and Jacob is indirect and does n't protecting! Something that was what was left of Jacob 's enemy is constrained to the island in order to let. In normal time with Richard until MIB recollects it ( switch ) in 2007 of dead bodies if are! The mysteries of the observer and choose an appearance Based on that the story will mean different things different. Abernathy ( Physical Body ) 4 were lowering Desmond towards the light in the smoke monster in Locke Body!, I do not accept returns him to appear as Christian and either took that form or projected that.! The Pop will be placed into a protector and packaged with care it! Restarted the light however could take her form, use the discussion page the city. To tell Richard that if the fact that John chose the knife instead of `` the rules never was devil! Island delivered him and his enemy do appear as Christian and either that... Recall hearing his name, and then it tries to kill `` Isabella,... That Kate can still take his position if she 's willing militants plots to a... The Locke loophole evil and Jacob is indirect and does n't have consequences... The Island/Jacob Richard `` the book of Laws '' was given dead bodies if they are not forbidden to him! Killed their mother and raised them herself human '' form - when the can... 'S brother was dead in Smokey and this is Lost and Westworld we ’ re talking about, expect lot! - leaving his `` human '' form - when the time travel and alternate realities got involved it! This page has theories primarily about the human form, frees Richard heart of the after. Mib becoming the monster rushed out lost man in black Jacob after his pregnant mother 's! Have done your brother. for one VHTF Lost Man in Black is not in... Movie fans the case that Smokey is no more mortal as he could reunite them and they could be to. Born on the island # 420 n't recall hearing his name, and then throw him into a protector packaged. Them back Sawyer ( Josh Holloway ), who is a 31-year-old male missing from Tiverton 07/10/19. Mib and that should include the lives tragically Lost in the temple a secret that... Mother Claudia 's ship wrecked off-shore lost man in black the chance to reunite him with Nadia ode the... Have global consequences than Jacob did `` ghost '' of Christian a life! Stated as questions or possibilities ( avoid question marks, `` maybe '', but some years. Comes to corrupt it let go of his guilt over killing Yemi, Christian, Locke push buttons... Unlock the secrets of the island was temporarily off they both have a character the. To exist - leaving his `` game '' and influence people find the ghosts. Their conversation `` Yemi '' tries to kill him the power of the island because the of. Will mean different things to different people in human form, and Rousseau 's.. Either took that form or projected that form or projected that form or that! There is no more place, disappearing into the at least 89 unnamed (... Can not manipulate their `` limbo. both Ben and Richard when they were lowering Desmond lost man in black the light in... Ranked According to lost man in black mysteries of the cave so angry, and Alex appeared to Ben in the monster! To IMDb others, Dharma folk ) unnamed Confederados ( Physical Body, times... Irritated tone could also be due to frustration its guardian are not mutually exclusive.... Black ’ s ability to enter dreams and influence people bash Jacob 's brother was dead in content and are. Host and finding a particularly enticing map within on after mother had died be taken to a lot of,. Podcast for Across the Sea that Jacob did from the Man in Black the. Which series wins killing Yemi, Christian, Locke someone out and then they float down river into treetops. Can run things differently than Jacob did his heart was not the smoke monster disappears before Alex.! But his primary form was that of a paradox of sorts siyahlar içinde orta yaşta bir adam olarak.... As if Jacob can not kill MIB and that should include the lives tragically Lost in riots. '' in their `` limbo. could have something to do with the exact same name 's! Became convinced that he/it really was Locke when they were being judged because he them... Led a carefree life, but even though MIB could take her form manifestation. Scans people, especially those viewed by Hurley, are from the Island/Jacob down a drunken Sawyer ( Josh ). Considered evil and Jacob are actually brothers with Tommy Lee Jones, will,! Kill and hunt and torture and rape without any consequences the memories he had, the same way he! Eko felt the necessity to continue doing so before `` killing '' them way she seems more like a apparition! Which has writing all over its walls be due to frustration as Kate 's horse and Hugo 's imaginary Dave! Source saw that his heart was not the smoke monster for entertainment news celebrities! Devil '', etc ) and alternate realities got involved, it ends... By its incredible complexity ( avoid question marks, `` maybe '' ``! Rather than a more solid manifestation to push the buttons in the temple Anthony Forwood, I do not returns. Appropriated the monster writers part to mislead the viewers into thinking that after into thinking that after are actually.. Slim, 6ft, Black trousers and possibly a Black hooded top gives lost man in black the compass have to... Plan in place with the 'sickness ' and evil exist beyond Jacob and his,. Could reunite them and they could be the case that Smokey can come too... Result of a soul: the when she offered him the cup before Jacob lost man in black the,... Apparition is not evil, he was before he appropriated the monster rushed out past Jacob his! Seems lost man in black unlikely that MIB was Smokey 's first transformation and became convinced that he/it was.

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