Remove T-handle and drill 2 x 6mm holes. Dimensions: 1150 x 3640 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 1150 x 2740 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 1150 x 2440 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 1150 x 1840 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height). I will pick these any day over the ‘tin sheds’. These instructional videos below will give you a guide to constructing your Shed. (Flush on top), And it should now look something like this>. IMPORTANT: The parts mentioned below will be outlined in your manual- so please refer to it for the labels. Dhananjay rated her shed and her shopping experience with Cheap Sheds, from whom she bought it from top-class (Whoohoo!). Assembly is quite straightforward – installation of the Cedar garden shed products is a relatively simple process. 1 x 100BS per join. You do the same by screwing both, 7. Once top complete screw bottom off using 1 x 40mm Roof Screws through every rib. ). Insert T-handle in position and mark two outside holes. I chose the Stilla Oxford cedar shed because of its dimensions and its appearance. 7. Screw up through ridge beam bracket into ridge beam using 2 x 50mm Phillips head screw each end. Suitable for uneven ground. Place ridge beam on top of ridge beam brackets, ensure the beam is hard up against gable. She sent us some photos and feedback about her experience which we decided to share with you in this article. Note: door centre gaps can be adjusted by unscrewing wall to floor fixing and moving in and out. Dimensions: 2050 x 3640 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 2050 x 2740 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 2050 x 2440 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height), Dimensions: 2050 x 1840 x 1900 mm (Front x Side x Height). Easy to assemble and comes with a comprehensive set of instructions. Lay 2 x Gable ends to face down on a flat surface. Position 1 roof sheet (RS) at each end, flush at the top and flush with the end of roof battens. This is important for the double doors. Setting Up Your Shed: It is recommended that the shed be set on a suitable concrete slab and anchored down appropriately, per the manufacturer’s instructions. Check out the diagram below. Make sure peak of ridge cap is in line with the peak of fascia’s. Note: only screw in Pan at the top and in rib at the bottom. Insert T-handle back in with bolts, and fasten nuts on the back of door. Gable Cover Strip (BGS) must be flush with the bottom of cedar cladding. Hold the door in position, 3mm down from the top. Fasten roof sheets to roof frame in number sequence shown in the diagram using 25mm roof screws (25RS) into the Top Batten and 40mm roof screws (40RS) in the Bottom Batten. Hold corner post (CP) in position. The CEDAR SHED WILLOW 12 x 8 is a large sized timber garden shed or workshop - a handsome addition to your property as well as providing a functional, long-lasting outdoor storage facility or work space. Suitable for any level surface (grass/dirt/gravel etc.). Now carefully lift and position the gable ensuring the tongue on the wall goes into the groove on the gable. unpack all the parts & check against the parts checklist before contacting. Set Descending Direction. Hold the door in position, 3mm down from the top the Front of the door when closed will be flush with the front of VJ cladding. It is a very popular brand and Aussies love the unique features plastic sheds offer. Next, you will need to have someone in the inside of the shed with the doors closed. The Rebated Floor is a cost effective alternative for a concrete slab if your site is level. 1800 272 681 I am very happy with the quality of the shed. Keter specializes in manufacturing a large range of resin outdoor storage solutions. Fasten hinges to the door using 3 x hinge screws (HS) per hinge. 750mm long 100 x 100 mm Treated Pine Posts. Stilla has a range of classic timber garden sheds available. The wall panels are interchangeable. Screw through wall panel P into wall panel P (top, centre & bottom) using 3 x 65mm Hex head screws- holding studs flush on the inside. Position gable cover strips (BGS) gable cover strip over the join in the gable. SCS 1 Stilla branded cover strip 40N 10 40mm Nail DH 1 Door head 2.7 - ASSEMBLY – GABLE ASSEMBLY Lay both gable pairs on a flat surface with frame upwards. Assembly of pre-cut timber garden shed Full instructions available, base area is on pavers. 10th Nov 2019. Slide 3905mm channel onto the end of roof sheeting overhang. 2. Now onto the next corner of the shed. Mark and drill 12mm centre hole in the position shown, 50mm in from door edge. Each shed features a Colorbond gable roof with overhanging eaves, and a colonial style door with tinted acrylic glazing and lockable door. Screw through Window wall panel FWP into the Door Head DH using 2 x 65mm Hex head screws on both sides. Stilla brand, cedar shed. I am completely inexperienced in terms of DIY, but even I could manage to put the shed together following the instructions in the accompanying manual. Vertical Gardening and the Best Plants to Use, Top 10 Best Selling Garden Sheds from 2020, Shed Accessories – How to Maximise Storage in Your Shed, 16 Smart DIY Storage Solutions for the Home, How to Properly Prepare the Ground for a Garden Shed Foundation, How to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer and Heat Stroke When Working in Your Backyard, Cheap Sheds is Always Improving Your Online Shopping Experience, Giving After Every Shed – To People In Need, Shedding Some Light on Our Vets this Anzac Day, Cheap Sheds Affordable Australian Made Garage Range, Carport Kit Assembly – Documentation of Experience, Stilla Sheds Factory Visit – Behind the Scenes, Absco Shed Blanket – Insulate Your Garden Shed, The Garden Shed I Built from Recycled Timber. You will want to push on the side of the shed that has the door that is sitting higher. Cedar Garden Sheds feature a durable design and beautiful Western Red Cedar panelling in an easy to assemble kit. $1,017.00. Manufactured in Australia, the STILLA cedar shed range is constructed from 42 x 35mm termite resistant pine framing and 18mm thick Canadian Western Red Cedar VJ cladding with a Colorbond steel roof. Oct 31, 2016 - Keter brand polypropylene storage boxes for outdoor use. Beautiful cedar timber that won't rot, can oil it, paint it or let it weather to grey. It will act as … Copyright © 2016 Stilla Group. Slide second ridge cap into position and fasten at the opposite end. We have also outlined the assembly process as per the manual with some visual aids and photos for anyone looking to buy one themselves. (1 x CS on each side and 2 x CS on back wall). Once top complete screw bottom off using 1 x 40mm Roof Screws through every rib. View our range of Cedar and Keter Sheds here. Very helpful with all queries related to the product. You can the site the shed evenly and get it square. Includes an adjusted railing & ground pegs to make provision for a slide to be attached to the Hideout Tower. Measure diagonals of floor using tape measure and ensure they are equal. Delivery was very quick and I was able to track the package at every step.

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