Predictions of apocalyptic events that would result in the extinction of humanity, a collapse of civilization, or the destruction of the planet have been made since at least the beginning of the Common Era. Author. The Simpsons prediction of Beirut explosion full … The Simpsons Apocalypse in Springfield! Maybe we need to read our Zombie survival booklets and prepare, or maybe not. Want to chat more about all things post-apocalyptic? In the Halloween episode of The Simpsons on Sunday night, Homer forgot to vote and caused the apocalypse It's a testament to the insanity of the past four years that The Simpsons is now considered to be some sort of predictor of the future. Let’s not forget that the entire New Testament is about Jesus, a man … It’s just scary at this point. adWidth = ad.offsetWidth; // for old IE Jump to. The outlet interprets Nostradamus' writing as "A Russian scientist will create a biological weapon and produce a virus that can turn humankind into zombies, and we will all be extinct in the near future." Last edited by Drewsmit; 12-29-2020 at 02:30 PM.. +6 2 weeks ago '19 #5: BOLO1 x5 9 K 1 K. Fück yeah more fear mongering. 3. + google_ad_size[0] + 'px;height:' It was set in 2021.. and the zombie outbreak was due to a failed vaccine. That shot of Willie is fan art that was created to stir people up. It is obvious to all educated individuals that the zombie apocalypse is a foregone conclusion (why else would there be so many awesome TV shows about it?). + google_ad_size[0] + 'px;height:' However, such an idea is a lot closer to reality than many of us might think. *subjectively. We're pretty sure in recent years The Simpsons has inadvertently made more accurate predictions than Nostradamus but it doesn't matter. 1 Synopsis 2 Full Story 2.1 Opening Sequence 2.2 The HΩmega Man 2.3 … . They are the main antagonists within the post-apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead.The vast majority of the human population (6.9 … No, seriously. Scientist Predicts Real Zombie Apocalypse Coming Soon. Well. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? The Zombie apocalypse is coming... and we will tell you when . M.A. But The Simpsons cartoon has quite a legacy of predicting future events, especially in politics. Facebook. The Simpsons Zombie Part 3 . Been hearing this end of the world/age/666 shït since I was young. Press alt + / to open this menu. The simpsons zombie apocalypse. In the episode, entitled Treehouse of Horror XXXI, Homer is seen sitting on top of his house as the world around him burns. Required fields are marked *. In the Halloween episode of The Simpsons on Sunday night, Homer forgot to vote and caused the apocalypse. Rise of the Dead is a topic fascinating the public, featured in the media. /* Replace 1234567890 with the AdSense Ad Slot ID */ Bart the only survivor - The Simpsons. The SimpsonS have predicted more. Either one. else if ( adWidth >= 250 ) The simpson Zombie. In his writing for 2021, he wrote, "Few young people: half-dead to give a start," which according to Yearly-Horoscope means a zombie apocalypse. The Simpsons - Zombies Attack Springfield Town . Walking Dead is Freaking Amazing. Apparently French astrologer Michel de Nostradamus predicted a zombie apocalypse for 2021, because at this point, why not?In the 1500s, Nostradamus published a series of prophecies, many of which allegedly came true. I can see it is going to … google_ad_client = "ca-pub-1733609739426816"; google_ad_size = ["180", "150"]; /* Small Rectangle (180 x 150) */ While this would be an amazingly obscure prediction, it’s actually false. - PR12034882 The Moe's Tavern piece (scroll down for Kwik-e-Mart) was done as a tutorial series for Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? But, … Join the Post-Apocalyptic Media Community with our New Discord Server You are here: Home / Zombie Pictures / The Simpsons Zombies. Most of us believe that the idea of zombies should be confined to the horror section of our preferred movie providers. The Simpsons is making all kinds of headlines as of late, with every episode ever being aired back-to-back on the FXX network. End of the world WARNING: ‘Hidden codes’ predicting 2021 apocalypse cracked by scholars A HIDDEN code which contains an alleged 2021 end of the world prophecy has now been cracked by scholars. The Krusty Burger2 was an item from Krusty Burger that was made from cannibalized cows. Home; TV; Movies; Books and Comics; Games; Survival; Primary Sidebar. A BLIND mystic said to have 'foretold' of 9/11 and the Boxing Day Tsunami claimed aliens will help us live under the seas before the Earth is eventually destroyed. Sections of this page. google_ad_size = ["728", "90"]; /* Leaderboard 728x90 */ view image. Zombie Apocalypse. Nostradamus, a french philosopher, has indeed forecast for 2021, a zombie apocalypse, a famine of biblical proportions, Muslims taking over the world, powerful solar storms, a giant asteroid impact and more in the next 12 months. While the text merely references ‘half-dead young people’ and … Your Zombie News Blog & Community. } What Date & Time Does Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 Air? google_ad_size = ["250", "250"]; /* Square (250 x 250) */ Every year, new apocalyptic predictions waft through the dark fringes of the internet and the tabloid media. google_ad_size = ["125", "125"]; /* Button (125 x 125) */ In a story told by Bart Simpson, Bart brings the dead back to life with a supernatural curse while trying to help Lisa resurrect Snowball I. Writer. When the zombies break into the Simpson's house they attempt to eat Homer but consider him brainless. 4. The Simpsons Zombie Part 1. } else { The Simpsons Zombie Part 3. Oh yes, just in case you thought 2021 couldn’t get any worse, we have zombies to worry about as well. “Hey, how bad could it be?” he asks Marge, while we get a glimpse of an apocalyptic world rife with killer robots, fire, and destruction. if ( adWidth >= 728 ) The Moe's Tavern piece (scroll down for Kwik-e-Mart) was done as a tutorial series for The simpsons zombie apocalypse. 8 years, 2 months ago “WHEN THERE’S NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, THE DEAD WILL WALK THE EARTH.” That was the tagline from Giorgio Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. google_ad_size = ["180", "150"]; /* Small Rectangle (180 x 150) */ /* Replace 1234567890 with the AdSense Ad Slot ID */ One other interesting “prediction” that has been making the rounds on social media is claimed to be from that same episode, yet is actually not true. After all, this is so eerie that it is untamable to our constructed minds. Zombie outbreak: THIS is how a zombie apocalypse would look based on coronavirus pandemic Baba Vanga 2020 prediction: END OF THE WORLD, Putin assassination, tsunami in the New Year #FV. + google_ad_size[1] + 'px" data-ad-client="' Top 10 Reasons The Zombie Apocalypse Could Really Happen! Shawn is the former Editor-in-Chief at Joystiq's, creator of the Aftermath post-apocalyptic immersion event, and host of the Through the Aftermath podcast for over 11 years. Nostradamus, considered to be a world leading prophet, predicted 500 years ago, the dead would rise from their graves and this apocalyptic prediction is foretold to be near. “Dial ‘Z’ For Zombies”: “Treehouse of Horror III,” 1992. Need proof that you can get research money for just about anything? Join our new Discord server here. He currently resides on top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere with his wife and four children. I looked into my crystal ball and scryed like Nostradamus to see what 2021 will bring. 86 Galactic Star Trek Facts. Want answers? In 2019, for example, the world was predicted to end in a nuclear war, an asteroid impact, and a new ice age, to name but a few of the more popular doomsday prophecies. Zombies Inc. Interest. ad = document.getElementById('google-ads-2'); According to Yearly Horoscope, 2021 could mark the rise of … '
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