How does it connect with the Buddhist influence? I once heard this childrens story about the language. Influenced by the philosophical brilliance of Confucius, Koreans believe in family, community and society, unlike western ideology of individualism. After the memorial service and clearing of weeds from the ancestor’s graves, a feast is served, featuring traditional dishes, such as … They brought home the arts and learning of China. There is always something to do anytime of the day. Koreans used woodblock printing from China to … The quantity or numbers also add value to your gifts; seven is considered as a lucky number so anything in multiples of seven will be accepted heartily. If you travel there, you may get looks and feel awkward sometimes, but this is only natural because most people there are Koreans and asians, so any other race may stand out. Japan: Its History, Traditions, and Religions With the Narrative of a Visit in 1879 2 Volume Set. Hanbok is the name given to traditional Korean attire. During this holiday, many relatives get together to share time together and talk. One is to visit the oldest member of the family and bow toward them to show respect and to wish them a long life (this would occur on New Years Eve). This resulted in North Korea and South Korea. Hangul Day, also known as Hangul Proclamation Day and Korean Alphabet Day, is on October 9th in South Korea and January 15th in North Korea. When it comes to Korean traditions regarding the family, you will soon realize that family is the most important part of Korean society. For the next 9 years, Koreans would live a hard life under Japanese control. Korea and its traditions 1. modern word Korea derived from. google_ad_height = 60; 3 2. Also, even though the cities are headed toward very modern times, people still hold onto some traditional values. A Korean marriage does not mean the union of two individuals only, but also the unification of two families and two different lifestyles. Koryo Dynasty- The Koryo Dynasty replaced the Silla in 918. • Understand the influence of China and Buddhism on Korea. • Explain the major achievements of the Choson dynasty. However, culture and traditional values of the region still bind these two countries with each other. South Korean Provinces. The other New Years Day is the Lunar New Years. Catholics spread very quickly, but were persecuted by the King who perceived it as a threat. Yungdrung is a major symbol of Korean Buddhism and it can be seen outside temples and religious places in Korea. Some of the world's largest churches will be found in Korea. Gradually, competing groups and kingdoms on the peninsula merged into a common national identity. Korea’s unique film industry now holds multi-Academy Award winner Bong Joon Ho and BAFTA winner Park Chan-Wook in its hall of fame. South Korea, home to over 50 million people, was officially founded in 1948. On Black Day, another month later on April 14th, people who have nobody all get together with their friends and eat JaJang Noodles, which are black in color. Korean customs have a foundation in sincerity and following protocols while meeting, eating, praying or even celebrating. Korea and Its Traditions! If you speak to an Asian online, you may get confused when discussing ages and what grade in school and everything. STUDY. With the school system, it is somewhat opposite of our system in the United States. A new capital was established at Songak. Why do most people live along the western coastal plains? On White Day, one month later on March 14th, guys will give more expensive chocolates and gifts to the girls. Hangul is the Korean name of the language. That is what the parents want, and once you do that, parents will be extremely happy. (This was based on the deal at the end of the War, dividing the country in two just as Germany had been). In 1948 South Korea split from North Korea and started along a path of westernization. Korea is a divided country. Koreans mainly consume seafood. In Korea, there are some old traditions that some people will still follow. Similar to our July 4th Independence Day, the Korean Independence Day represents when Koreans declared themselves independent from Japanese rule. Korea is home to unique customs and traditions that could fill a library. You will learn what you need quickly and many Koreans will be able to speak some English. You may find a lot of generalizations about each 'dynasty', such as the Lee Dynasty, Park, Kim, etc...and most of them are true! With Bu… It is usually around February. There are actually two Korean New Years. Korean traditions are incomplete without discussing pottery and ceramics. There is plenty to do there, especially at night. Many young people will use Christmas as a day to go out and party and then will spend New Years with their family, which is just the opposite of many Western families. Bowing is equivalent to the handshake in Korean culture. Add to cart Add to wishlist … Korea’s geography influenced where people settled by being culturally and technologically influenced by China, China also had political control over Korea, and served as a cultural bridge for China and Japan. Silla dynasty. similar to trying to get American kids into private schools and ivy league schools, but even more sought after). You really should go sometime and enjoy it! Until 1948, Korea was a single country on the world map but political unrest resulted in a division of the region into two countries with different political ideologies. Ch. Settled, literate societies on the Korean peninsula appear in Chinese records as early as the fourth century BCE. Korea : China younger brother : elder brother women in Korea: higher status early on right to inherit property had public roles - until Confucianism spread kingdoms similar language & culture fought constantly Silla unified peninsula in 668 with the support of Wu Zhao civil At the beginning of the ceremony, the names of the ancestors are pinned to a board. 3. map of Korea today divided into south and north Korea today writing clothes korean meal some food that the natives eat developed hangul a phonetic alphabet Korea and its traditions south Korea flag. The Korean language is spoken in both the countries and a similar family system is followed in both countries. In the United States, it is fairly easy to make it through High School but many people struggle in college. For the school system, it consists of 6 years primary school, 3 in middle school and high school, and 4 years at a college. Valentines Day is on February 14th, as it is here. arts flourished. Here are the 23 food and drink-related traditions currently recognised by UNESCO and its Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Within a very small area near Seoul and surrounding cities, there is approximately 20 million people. Hangul on Wikipedia. This ceremony is called Jaesa. This is because birthdays are a little different. Under the Silla Korea prospered and the arts flourished. £57.00. google_color_bg = "FFFFFF"; The traditional food usually eaten on New Years Day is Duk Gook, a type of soup. One thing that guarantee's this is the language. One example of this may be with the older Koreans. The Korean language is shared between both North and South Korea and is part of the Altaic language family. 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Sometimes they may appear to be pushy or rude to you, but it really is nothing personal :) Just a different place. Families following Confucius and his teachings firmly believe that the father must take care of the health, shelter, food and marriage of his family members. Buddhism is the main religion in Korea and its teachings reflect in Korean lifestyle, culture and arts. Madison Lopez Period 6 Korea and Its Traditions 1) How did Korea’s geography influence where people settled? Covered by low, steep mountains T’aebaek runs along the eastern coast What kind of difficulties would this present? Many educated Koreans will know at least some English now, so do not be worried if you visit Korea and only have limited Korean knowledge :) You should be able to find someone who can help you. With your partners, generate a list of information regarding Korea… google_ad_channel ="2491697473"; The culture of South Korea includes its traditions and customs, as well as folklore, music, language, art, and food, which developed from the early Korea culture. celadon. You are about to see different maps of Korea. People of all ages wear it with pride because it is one of the emblems of their cultural identity. Although South Korea is modernizing extremely fast, it still holds on to many traditional values and the old way of life. Shopping stands are open during the night and it isn't a quiet place at night either! North Korea became communist, while South Korea did not. google_color_link = "339933"; It is taught from very early on in school. The alphabet was created by King Sejong in 1446. Author: Edward J. Reed; Date Published: March 2012; availability: Available ; format: Multiple copy pack; isbn: 9781108045704; Rate & review £ 57.00 Multiple copy pack . In cities, millions of people live in apartments, but in the rural area's you will find traditional housing. Vocabulary 1. Many Koreans also study English. Japanese Invasions What did the Chinese use to fight off the Japanese? Students begin studying English in elementary school and continue for the rest of their education. Colleges are much more difficult to get into (And one other reason for this is they aren't quite as abundant as they are in the US). The language has traditional values of social status and respect built directly into it. But what about the people who feel left out on those days because they have nobody to give chocolates to? It is very city-like and could be compared to New York City. When a Korean is born, they are automatically considered one year old. (This was based on the deal at the end of the War, dividing the country in two just as Germany had been). Why did Sejong develop Korean people will generally have an age of 1-2 years older than someone elsewhere who was born in the same year. View 3.4 Korea and its traditions.docx from HISTORY 2109320 at Coral Reef Senior High School. Why? Christianity was introduced to Korea by the Jesuits in China. Korea and its Traditions: Home; Korean Lifestyle Korean Peninsula North and south Korea are located on the Korean Peninsula, Korea is bordered by China to the northwest and Russia to the northeast. It is a day where the full moon appears larger and may look orange. People wear the traditional clothes called Hanbok. Once in college, life is a little easier, but students still study more than the majority of students in America. Chinese culture, written language and political institutions were important influences. All Rights Reserved. So, what should be done? Story of the Language, You can also read up - in more detail, about the history of the language below. As good and old habits die hard, both the Korean countries are still deeply rooted in their culture and traditions. When South and North Korea divided the peninsula into two parts, each of the countries got a relatively small territory. google_ad_width = 468; Read the excerpt on the top of p. 197 FocusQuestion: How are Korea’s history and culture linked to those of China and Japan? Forced farmers to settle … Image Courtesy of KoreaInMyPocket. In Korea, students work like crazy in high school trying to get into a college. This way it isn't so one-sided! During this rule the religious beliefs of Confucianism and Buddhism became highly Hierarchical structure is evident in a conventional Korean family. King Sejong. That is what Black Day is for! Missionaries spread Mahayana Buddhism which took root among the rulers and nobles. Families following Confucius and his teachings firmly believe that the father must take care of the health, shelter, food and marriage of his family members. The eldest son will help his father in all the f… However, this thinking pattern is changing with time as more and more women are emerging as leaders, business executives and teachers. Kimchi has hundreds of varieties differing by the combination of vegetables and seasonings used to prepare them. As a race, they can be extremely nice as long as you treat them with respect. Korean traditional festivals are largely based on its Terms in this set (...) Geography of Korea-located on peninsula jutting south from Asian mainland, points towards Japan-mountains and rivers seperate it from China. It is similar to our Valentines Day but is more one-sided. The cuisine of South Korea has undergone centuries of political and social change with its roots in the ancient nomadic and agricultural traditions of the Korean Peninsula. These traditions include the ethical code of conduct in social life and showing respect to the elders and family. Matchmaking with the help of matchmakers (Eui Hon), wedding parade on a pony, bowing to the members of family (Gyobaerye), couple drinking from the same cup (Hapgeunrye) and bridal procession (Wugwi) are major rituals of a traditional Korean marriage. google_color_border = "FFFFFF"; However, they avoid giving anything that falls in the multiple value of four because Koreans consider four as an unlucky number. Chuseok is the same as our "harvest moon." Traditional clothes are the pride of the Korean people. [caption id=”” align="aligncenter” width="600”]. It is worn in marriage ceremonies, family functions and traditional festivals. STUDY. Since Christianity took hold in Korea, Christmas has been a growing holiday there as well. Seoul is the capital and most important city of South Korea. google_color_text = "000000"; Pia Paez 11/10/20 P.1 3.4 Korea and Its Traditions … only aristocrats permitted to take civil-service exam. Korea prospered. Korea came to see its relationship to China in Confucian terms. Choson (Yi) dynasty. Korea and Its Traditions. That is why all beef is imported and expensive. The oldest family members bows and offers the wine to the ancestors who have passed away. google_ad_format = "468x60_as"; This holiday is celebrated in many asian countries. Pottery is Korea’s cultural emblem and it started thousands of years ago. This pottery style was passed on to the Japanese by the Koreans. At the End of World War II in 1948, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel. Submit your work to by 8am on Monday. Rice is a staple of the diet. 65 million people speak the Language, with 45 million speaking it in South Korea. It is just a day to celebrate the creation of the language! google_color_url = "CC6633"; Study for your exam on Wednesday. However, just keep in mind that some cultural differences are involved so you may consider what they do as rude but they do not mean anything personally by it, it is simply thousands of years of tradition. 70% of it is mountainous ii. Christianity has become more and more popular in recent years in South Korea. Indeed, traveling to Korea will showcase a country that has overcome a number of problems associated with the Korean War to become the bustling, welcoming and beautiful country it is today. This leaves some schools in Korea nearly impossible to get into (i.e. Korean culture is deeply influenced by the Buddhism as Buddhism has become inherent aspect of the Korea culture, including the secular Korean traditions followed by the non-Buddhist Koreans. On Valentines Day, girls will give chocolates and other gifts to the guys. Civilizations of Asia Lesson 4 Korea and Its Traditions … It takes place on the 15th day of the 8th month going by the lunar calendar. Korean society places great importance on obtaining a solid education, and as such everyone strives to be as educated as possible. South Korea, or the Republic of North Korea is slightly larger in physical size, while South Korea's population size is about twice as large as North Korea's population size. If you plan on visiting Korea during either of these times, book ahead! In this post we will explore South Korea’s rich history, culture, and traditions. The old school says that womenfolk must not indulge in decision making and only males must handle the external affairs. The language is considered one of the best and most well planned languages in history. Prior to splitting from North Korea, South Korea was heavily influenced by Chinese culture. One common fact that many people never understand properly deals with birthdays. Since they declared independence, every year they proudly stand for their independence from all foreign rule, just as we do here in America on July 4th. If you need help and understand little Korean, they will help you. Korea United. A 2005 government survey indicated that about a quarter of South Koreans identified as Buddhist. Kimchi is always present. Korean dynasty that ruled from 1392-1910, the longest-lived of Korea's three dynasties . Silla dynasty. How was Korea similar and different from China? While South Korea is certainly one of the most modern countries in the region, it goes without saying that it is also one of the most traditional societies.While the economy is definitely modern and the technology ground-breaking, the familial unit remains integrally tied to traditions – and here are some of … The latter is a side dish made of salted and fermented vegetables. Koryo dynasty. The absence of pastures made it impossible to breed cows in Korea. google_ad_type = "text_image"; Who did they take back with them? Cold noodles, bibimbap, bulgogi and dakgalbi are some of the world famous Korean dishes. Some Koreans may still be stubborn and independent (I mean no disrespect!). No indoor farewells, the removal of shoes before entering the house or dining room, and most importantly, only male hosts will serve the drinks. Korean Traditional Festivals (Hangul: 한국전통축제, Hanja: 韓國傳統祝祭) are the Korean national and local festivals that have been continued among Korean people throughout its long history. Silla Dynasties Koryo Dynasty Traditions The Koryo Dynasty took over korea in 918. Korean Peninsula is not big. Korea is a divided country. It will definitely be worth the visit. Today, celadon, a Korean blue-glazed pottery, is famous all over the world. Do Now. North Korea is also known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and South Korea is also known as the Republic of Korea. Most people live on the western coast Farming plains 5400 miles of coast Seafood Lots of … A few basic facts about Korean people. //-->. Prezi. The Korean Peninsula juts … Homework: Read Chapter 13 Section 3, and then answer the questions that are attached to my website. They lead a family oriented life where the father is the head of the family. This overview of Korean culture is just the tip of the iceberg. For Koreans, their whole early education is based around getting into a good college. The Science; Conversational Presenting; For Business; For Education; Testimonials; Presentation Gallery; Video Gallery; Design Gallery; Templates; Company . While Korean monks training in China often played a critical part in some of these developments, China's size and its geographical position on the Silk Road (which gave it stronger ties to the older Buddhist traditions of India and Central Asia) allowed it to pioneer the majority of trends in East Asian Buddhism. North Korea became communist, while South Korea did not. Almost every meal features rice and kimchi. The Korean New Years based on the Western calender is similar to our New Years in the United States. [caption id=”” align="aligncenter” width="600”] The Hanbok[/caption]. PLAY. When it comes to Korean traditions regarding the family, you will soon realize that family is the most important part of Korean society. At times … It is a big national holiday in Korea as well, and occurs on January 1st just like it does here. The eldest son will help his father in all the family matters, must obey his father and follow his decisions. Everywhere older people are respected, but in Korea they are highly respected. Bowing means showing gratitude and respect to the person you are meeting with. View Korea and its Traditions from PDHPE 925 at Engadine High School. Copyright © 2020 Bright Hub Education. Confucian College in 682. Numerous Buddhist statues, monuments and temples have been included in the National Treasure and Monument list by the government. Korea and Its Traditions. Occupied most of the peninsula. However, dining and eating means following a strict protocol. 2. Education in the English language has become quite common in Korea in recent years. In fact, South Korea is making its mark on the map as one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Na… Where there are not highly populated cities, there are rural area's which are still relatively poor, and still follow traditional ways of life. Geography of Korea a. Korean Peninsula i. It is also the official government and national dress in Korea. This list includes four new items inscribed at the end of 2020. About; … Koreans also believe in sincerity and loyalty and follow certain codes of conduct while meeting, eating, praying and even celebrating. Korean Culture and Language Learning. google_ad_client = "pub-5532486958189508"; Aim. There are also five other major cities; Pusan, Inchon, Kwangju, Taejon, and Taegu. Protestants began to enter Korea in the late 19th century. Chuseok in South Korea. At the End of World War II in 1948, Korea was divided at the 38th parallel. This is because Koreans go by two calenders; one being the same people use in the West, and the other being the lunar calender. It is not as popular as Valentines Day and White Day, but it is still celebrated by some people! Korean food and drinks add flavor to their traditional lifestyle and rice malt served with kimchi is their specialty. Gifts have remained an integral part of Korean traditions - however, gifts are always given according to the capacity and affordability of the other person because Koreans firmly believe in reciprocating. Silla Dynasty- The Silla Dynasty ruled from 688 to 935. If you visit Korea, do not be worried if you do not know much of the language. Confucian Ideas restricted previous rights of women in Korea. It is a little different than here in the west though. The fact that this division occurred has left both North and South Korea on the bridge of war. Confucianism and Buddhism were widespread during this time and The Koryo dynasty used and imporved Chinese inventions. A wide variety of meats and vegetables are also eaten. Part of Cambridge Library Collection - East and South-East Asian History. Koreans also adopted the Confucian emphasis on the family as the foundation of the state . Then, the names are burned. Korea’s cultural and artistic achievements through the ages are now leading many of its young talents to the world’s most prestigious music and dance competitions, while its literary works are being translated into many different languages for global readers. After that, there are post-graduate degrees just like we have here in the US. The use of white, black or green colors for wrapping is offensive and must be avoided. to develop graually. 13-3 Powerful rulers forged three separate kingdoms -Koguryo -Paekche … References Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, The Korean Hanbok, Soon Kim, Weol, An Introduction to Korean Culture for Rehabilitation Service Providers, Images Kimchi by Nagyman under CC BY 2.0 Korean Costume Hanbok by Caspian blue under CC BY 2.0, Little House on the Prairie Book Quotes and Analysis, Overview of "The Law of Success" by Napoleon Hill. Hierarchical structure is evident in a conventional Korean family. Silla (Shilla) dynasty. To celebrate Chuseok, a South Korean harvest festival held in September, family members come together to share food and give thanks to their ancestors, holding a memorial service in the morning to honor them. It also is a day relatives may get together. Recently, Korean Dansaekhwa (monochrome paintings) have become the talk of the global art world. Sometimes the Lunar New Years and the Solar New Years are pretty common and involve similar traditions. This will keep traditional values always present. After a period of conflict among the “Three Kingdoms”—Koguryo in the north, Paekche in the southwest, and Silla in the southeast—Silla defeated its rivals and unified most of the Korean peninsula i… The younger generations have blended the western culture with their native culture by shaking hands after bowing to each other. The dynasty in which Korea experienced its Golden Age. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Knowing and understanding these customs is important because while visiting the country, you must abide to their rules and customs; otherwise, you might end up in an embarrassing situation because western practices and customs are totally different from the customs of the Korean people. google_page_url = document.location; The people truly are nice and helpful. Since its inception, South Korea … Seoul is a highly populated city with 11 million people. national Confucian academy set up to train high officials. PLAY. Because education is of such great importance, parents will try to get their children into the best school possible. White Day was created. On Children's Day, May 5th of every year, children are given money for free and taken on outings. I just thought I would list this holiday because it is a holiday that should be introduced everywhere! Individual dreams and needs are secondary and family welfare is the first and foremost goal of every family member. However, the actual number of Buddhists in South Korea is ambiguous as there is no exact or exclusive criterion by which Buddhists can be identified, unlike the Christian population. It is sold in separate packages weighing 400 grams. Terms, People, and Places Silla dynasty Koryo dynasty celadon Choson (Yi) dynasty King Sejong hangul literacy rate