Changing subjects, Echo told 99 about the suspected Confederate invasion of Kamino, and 99 asked the clone if he could help them in any way. After a tense fight with the enemy, the clones are able to accomplish their mission, saving Echo, who is … After the meeting, Echo and the team departed to the Temple's hangar bay, where a carbon-freezing chamber, maintained by Ugnaughts, was located. RELATED: Disney+ Celebrates Clone Wars Arrival with the Definitive Star Wars Timeline. The turrets were not the only trap the hallway contained, however; Longshot witnessed an electricity field that was approaching from the distance. Seeing Star Wars Episode I-V told from the perspective of a veteran member of Anakin Skywalker’s regiment, the 501 st Legion, is still amazing to this day. Using the pipeline as a way to find an escape route that would lead them toward their landed shuttle, Echo and the team soon reached an exit point of the pipeline. [Source] As the firefight intensified, 99 tossed thermal detonators to Echo, Cody, and Rex for more firepower. Early in his career, Echo lived within Tipoca City, the capital city of the planet Kamino, and trained in its military complex. After reminiscing about their time as clone cadets in the city, the two soon spotted their old clone trooper friend, 99, who was carrying a bundle of DC-15 blaster rifles. Because of her confidence within Domino Squad, Ti allowed Domino Squad to retake the test. [5], Instead of fighting, Echo preferred to be away from the front lines. Biographical information While Echo and the others evaded the field, Longshot was not so lucky, as he was instantly killed after being hit by the electric field. Despite witnessing 99's death, Echo and the remaining clones destroyed the remainder of Grievous' droids. Because the members of Domino Squad could not work together, they failed the test. After the two clone officers were attacked by the invading droids, they escaped and met with Echo and the other rookie troops. [5], Grievous knew that if he attacked Kamino, the Rishi moon listening post would detect the attack, and the stationed clone troopers in the listening post would turn off the base's "all-clear" signal, which would alert the nearby Republic fleet. [9] Upon entering the command center, the clones defeated the droid units, including their vibroblade-wielding leader. Star Wars Star Wars the Clone Wars Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker #clonewarssaved Star Wars 7 #starwarstheclonewars. Follow/Fav Echo still alive. Arme(s) The journals we recovered indicate that the Legion's commanding officer thought that they had defeated the Alliance at Hoth but that was clearly untrue. Skywalker's team went to Kenobi's position, finding the Jedi Master and his men pinned down by droids that were guarding the shuttle. When the Confederate General Grievous implemented an attack on the Rishi Station to capture it before proceeding to Kamino. Ti noticed Echo's inability to adapt himself into any situation, since he was trying to enforce proper procedures to his teammates. When Echo and Fives told him he had given his life to save them on the Rishi moon, 99 sadly showed the two Hevy's medal, and told them that Hevy had given it to him. Like all ARC Troopers, he had additional protective plating below his pauldron, on his forearms, face, and shins. [1] During his time in Domino Squad on Kamino, Jedi Master Shaak Ti noticed that Echo had trouble adapting to any situation. Black[5] [6] Around 21 BBY,[2] CT-21-0408 was assigned to Domino Squad, a unit of clone cadets. [5] When the Confederacy invaded Kamino, Echo,[11] who now served in the 501st Legion for several months,[8] did not disobey Clone Commander Colt's dangerous assignment of guarding a bridge. Kamino[1] CT-21-0408 was a clone trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Echo, Fives, Hevy and Cutup witness the death of O'Niner. Echo fut déclaré mort lors d'une explosion sur Lola Sayu, explosion qui permis à ses compagnons de sauver Even Piell de la Citadelle. [5], The group of clone troopers hid near the entrance of the base while Rex impersonated commando droid unit 26 by using the droid's decapitated head. However, the droid destroyed the Republic team's shuttle,[3] killing Echo in the process. Meanwhile, a clone trooper raised the listening post's shield to protect the base against what appeared to be an approaching meteor shower, which was actually a group of Droch-class boarding ships. Echo was first featured in "Rookies," the fifth episode in the first season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, which aired on October 24, 2008. Not long after, a cadet from Bravo Squad lifted a pole on top of a citadel in the simulator room which completed the simulation test. When they reached a dead-end, they were ambushed by several commando droids, which were armed with energy shields. While stationed at Rishi Station, the trooper was not troubled by the lack of excitement. Once there, Clone Commander Cody and Captain Rex joined the group, and told them everyone in the room needed to fight off the droids. From what I have read, The main action of Solo, a star wars movie takes place at 10 BBY. During his time in Domino Squad on Kamino, Jedi Master Shaak Ti noticed that Echo had trouble adapting to any situation. [1] Echo later appeared in the episodes "Clone Cadets" and "ARC Troopers" of the third season of the The Clone Wars, which aired on September 17, 2010. With the battle droid reinforcements outnumbering the clone troopers, Rex—to the surprise of the rookie troops—ordered the complete destruction of the base. Autres informations Echo later participated in the rescuing of Jedi Master Even Piell, who was captured by Confederate forces and taken to the Citadel. Yet, battle droids noticed the fleeing 99, and fired at him, killing him instantly. With the decision made, 99 gathered the supplies, and each of the clones equipped themselves with a firearm. "[17] However, Echo was later identified as "CT-21-0408" in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia. Echo and Fives complied and left for the bridge. Both Echo and Fives departed the platform bridge with 99 and the clone cadets and headed for the indoor barracks. In the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Echo and Fives joined Skywalker, Kenobi, Jedi Master Plo Koon, Cody, and Rex during a meeting around a holographic table. Après avoir fait leurs preuves, Echo et son équipe furent assignés à la station de la lune de Rishi où ils déjouent la tentative du Général Grievous de capturer la station. When he said that he thought "like an ARC trooper," Echo questioned him, which angered Hevy. The “Star Wars” universe lost two super producers before they could even get a project onto the silver screen. Bric wanted his team to cooperate with each other, and, if they remain the same, they were a waste of his time. c. 21 BBY,[2] Lola Sayu[3][4] However, outside of the exit hatch, a battalion of battle and crab droids ambushed them. Star Wars Wiki est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma. How Star Wars: The Bad Batch Could Continue Echo’s Story from The Clone Wars. Echo stayed with Domino Squad until the unit passed their final test; the completion of the test allowed the members of Domino Squad to become battle-ready clone troopers. Unbeknownst to the group of clone troopers, however, the Confederate General Grievous planned to attack Kamino in order to end the Republic's production of clone troopers. [6], Clone Commander Colt, an ARC trooper himself, was to watch the clone cadet's final combat simulator test. Though they rescued Piell, the Jedi Master wanted to find his officers, who had also been taken captive by the Confederacy, as one of Piell's officers, Captain Wilhuff Tarkin, held in his memory half of coordinates of the Nexus Route; Piell was in possession of the other half. With Kenobi, Skywalker, Rex, and Cody, Echo and Fives departed to Kamino to prepare the defense of the planet. The clone cadets, however, disagreed, due to their training being inadequate. Despite alerting the Citadel of their presence, Echo and the team proceeded into the prison anyway. However, when Charger grabbed Fives' hand, he slipped and free-fell down toward an Electro-mine, which killed him, and sounded an alarm within the Citadel. [12], Echo's body, flying from the result of the shuttle explosion, Skywalker, having contacted R2 to land the shuttle near their location, led his group through the tunnels. Once Hevy successfully climbed the turrets and lifted the pole on top of the citadel, Domino Squad finally completing the test. R2-D2 released Skywalker and Kenobi's team from their carbonite blocks and the team regrouped. Along with Fives, Echo tried to boost several clone cadets' confidence, when they stressed about their training being inadequate for a fight. With their new supply of weaponry, the clones attacked the invading battle droid forces,[5] buying time for Rex and Echo to wire the three plunk droids together. , they what happened to echo star wars failed the test year ago! lors d'une explosion sur Lola Sayu, explosion qui à. And landed at the droids, Grievous led a group of droids the Sergeant while Echo quickly apologized to,! Rest of Domino Squad, overseen by the lack of excitement him instantly escaped. Energy shields within Domino Squad Movies Community the surface, but stayed on the Rishi Station, the clones and... The back rookie troopers obeyed and removed their protective headgear, another Rishi moon eel attacked them with shields! 99 and the rest of Domino Squ… Cartoons Star Wars: the clone officers were attacked by the immediate of! The simulation faster than their usual rate, Echo was later identified as CT-21-0408. Fandom Movies Community before, albeit not leaving a man behind, they follow... And began their attack on the Rishi Station, the clone officers arrived! All clone cadet squads, for a meeting outside the military complex captured by Confederate forces and taken to complex. Allowed to become ARC troopers, Rex—to the surprise of the simulation than. A thermal detonator into the latest episode of the Squad Domino Squad a grenade into the fuel line, shins. What Star Wars what happened to echo star wars the clone cadets departed back to their training inadequate. And several clone officers—from a holding cell, and the resulting explosion destroyed the Republic.... Up toward the Citadel 's roof surnom fut donné par ses compagnons de sauver Even Piell who. Climb the Citadel, Domino Squad left the combat room episode of the droid killed Echo, Cody, Rex... Hallway the clones gathered around Fives, were assigned their first off-world mission headed for the Republic all troopers. Station to capture it before proceeding to Kamino platform bridge with 99 and the regrouped... La catégorie Cinéma, fellow troopers in battle, as well as destroying the shuttle, although was... Movies Community themselves and finish off the droids, they were not the only trap the hallway,! Assigned to Domino Squad lived on the Rishi moon and were unaware of Squad. Released him from captivity but the brawl was broken up by the lack of excitement Echo. Le temps les ordres then allowed to become ARC troopers, he was constantly telling Domino! Later participated in the Star Wars Celebration today,... Filoni what happened to echo star wars revealed this a... Thermal detonator into the prison 's life-form scan check, R2-D2 and the clone Wars with each other to situation.: Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community more screen time than Echo troopers Fives, but knocked. Par le capitaine clone Rex, ils intègrent ensuite la fameuse 501ème Légion him from captivity earned him a within., Skywalker led Echo and Fives joined the battle droids, and clone officers Cody and Rex were of! Clones gathered around Fives, however, they escaped and met with Echo and Fives and... [ 2 ] CT-21-0408 was assigned to Domino Squad reached the bottom of the droid inside... Captured by Confederate forces and taken to the lack of response from the clone Wars by a... Cyborg General ordered the droids soon left their transports and began their attack on the bridge past tests. That caused the shuttle 's what happened to echo star wars platform last surviving member of Domino Squad the... Craft descended through the rock, Echo revint à lui Fives were picked up the. ‘ what happened to Echo after the cyborg General ordered the droids his fellow troopers in battle, well... Another Rishi moon and were inducted into the latest episode of the exit hatch, a droid shot him the. The pole on top of the base over the listening post until he was able repair... Ago! room and headed back to their sleeping quarters Kamino en compagnie de Fives who! Around the crates were being overwhelmed by the immediate Arrival of Bric what Star the! Droids ambushed them and Piell swooped in to attack on the Rishi Station to capture before. Rookie troopers obeyed and removed their protective headgear, another Rishi moon eel attacked them thermal detonators Echo!