Obediant. This dog breed is new between the Bernese Mountain and the Poodle, unlike other Poodle mix breeds. A Weimardoodle is always ready to love you and play with you. A Whoodle is possibly one of the least common Doodle mixes. I don’t see Bishon poodle mixes. The Bidoodle comes in a few different colors, including vibrant orange golds. Corgipoos would be a great service or therapy dog with their ready to learn personalities. Besides their color, a white Labradoodle is not distinct from other Labradoodles. But the Akipoo is the perfect combination of brave and intelligent canine. The Flandoodle is a very large designer breed dog that is a mix of the Bouvier des Flandres and a Standard Poodle. Find Poodle dogs and puppies from Texas breeders. This breed is highly intelligent. However, not all doodle crosses are guaranteed to inherit this trait. poodle mix Pets and Animals in Phoenix, Arizona at AmericanListed.com classifieds. Airedoodles usually have a medium-length coat and will either be soft or coarse texture depending on what parent they take after. Health issues in Pomapoos stem from their parents, and any good breeder will be able to inform you on what health issues may arise in Pomapoos. They are cold weather dogs thanks to their fur, and may not do well in warmer climates or in hot weather, so it is very important to keep them cool in the summer. That is a very large Cockapoo!!! they are a beautiful breed so why are people messing with them. A Weimardoodle is one of those dogs that will steal your heart because they have such a loveable personality. A few hours of exercise is required each day. . She is a white with tan and gray coloring. This dog, when fully grown, can weigh over one hundred pounds. Which breed is the one on the right? They are great around children, but they need supervision because of their massive size. The most common colors seen in a Flandoodle are brown, black, white, grey, tan, red, and blue. He has spurrs of energy twice a day but he is NOT a hyper or.bark crazy dog. Bath your Doodle mix before trimming or clipping. Royal Guide Dogs Association of Australia. This delightful, fun-loving dog likes to play with its family or run around the home as a means of exercise. There are many different types of Mastiffs that can be used to make a Mastidoodls. Considerably less outgoing than many Doodles, this breed is prized for its appearance and coat, but not its actions around strangers or other dogs. You will have to have a lot of patients during training. Having a place they consider to be theirs, such as a playpen or crate can also give them a safe area to relax. The Peekapoo is a mix between a Pekingese and a Toy Poodle. The high energy of the Boxer with the focus of the Poodle results in a high trainable, and still playfully loveable dog. The pictures of these dogs arent exaxctly the mixes they say they are. Mixing a Border Collie with a Poodle results in a smart, hard working mix called a Bordoodle. These types of poodle mixes are often called mixed breed, designer, or hybrid dogs. Note he is still a puppy in a new home. Maltipoo. Unlike some other, more protective breeds, they do not mind engaging with strangers and new dogs if properly socialized at a young age. A Shih Poo is a mix between a Shih Tzu and a Poodle. I also have fibromyalgia & she seems to know when it is worse & watches over me. Never be afraid to meet the puppies beforehand, and see which enjoys interacting with people more. It is a toss-up whether or not your Peekapoo will be born with BOAS or not. A Mastidoodle has large fluffy hair and is a very watchful dog that will look intimidating. Use the scissors to cut the tail and remove long hairs. These dogs also need professional grooming to avoid shaggy mess issues.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'teacupdogdaily_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_18',156,'0','0'])); Poodle mixes may inherit different types of coats. Woof! Springerdoodles have a double-layered and very thick coat. They will make a wonderful companion for an older couple who has retired and spends most of their day at home. This breed is very alert at all times and would make a great watchdog. They also love to be with other animals as well. They do tend to have a very thick coat that needs to be brushed very often to avoid tangles. They are so difficult to find. *Ad updated 1-18-21. Pyredoodles are usually quiet but will bark to alert their owner of any potential dangers. The Goldendoodle is not just a pet. They usually have a long body with short legs of a Dachshund and the curly hair of a Poodle. If your pooch has a Poodle tail, clip the hair at the base and leave a fluffy pom-pom at the tip. Find Poodles for Sale in Olympia, WA on Oodle Classifieds. Keep an eye out for breeders who refuse to give you genetic history or information about the breed. I have a mini newfypoo——sheś 5 months and about 15 pounds. The Aussiedoodle loves hugs and cuddles. You can expect the Chipoo to be independent, possessive, and stubborn. They are very social, active dogs that do poorly when left alone for long periods of time. A Mastidoodle is considered very high-maintenance when it comes to grooming them because the fur cab becomes matted very easily if not brushed for on a regular basis. Some smaller breeds are also prone to kidney issues, so regular check-ups at the vet are important. They can also vary in weight and weight anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds. However. There are dozens of Doodle types out there now, but a few are more popular and easy to find than others. They have a very friendly and happy go lucky personality that is seen in Irish Setters and the low shedding coat from a poodle making these an excellent dog. Grooming, shaving, brushing, and washing are all vital to the wellbeing of this Doodle. Pomapoos are great for single pet parents, but larger families may have a bit more trouble with them. Nobody knows of the Pomapoo origins, but what is certain is that the dog is friendly, intelligent, and affectionate. We have one that isn’t on your list. A bit less eager to please than some other mixes, the Shih Poo needs daily training and reminders of what behaviors to take and not take. Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle), Sheepadoodle (Old English Sheepdog and Poodle), Yorkie Poo (Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle). These cute dogs make for a great family pet, and you will love having this breed as your new addition. You can use a scissor to trim down the hair on its knees and below to look even with the hair on top of the legs. Doodles like saying hello with their paws, so it is very important to work on not jumping and polite playtime from a very early age, or you may find yourself getting slapped every time your Doodle wants attention. Did I mention no shedding? This mix is also very vocal and responds loudly to outside stimuli if not properly trained. The dog’s original purpose was to be a guide dog that has a hypoallergenic trait. The Sheepadoodle is an intelligent hybrid of two great dog breeds – the Old English SheepDog and the Poodle. I love Bernedoodles. A bored Doodle is a destructive Doodle, especially during teething. This does require a lot of open space to play, and people to play with, so do not expect a Boxerdoodle to do well in smaller areas. They need plenty of exercise and require mental stimulation. The Yorkipoo is good at performing tricks for the benefit of its owner and visitors. They will try to get in your lap no matter how big they are. These hey are medium to large size dogs. There is not a single Doodle that does not want to say hello with their paws, and Cavaliers are one of the jumpiest breeds themselves. The Corgipoo is a very cute designer dog breed. A cross between the Havanese and Poodle are little canines with a happy disposition. They are very eager to please their owners and will show you a lot of love and affection. They would love to join in on any activity that you also love to do. The Boxerdoodle is one of these dogs. Poogles would make for a great family dog that will be protective and very loving. These breeds have very similar personalities and temperaments, but they look very different. Please contact me if you know of anyone who might be looking and able to adopt a big cockapoo. While any terrier is naturally more inclined to sniff and smell about, these mixes have many different personalities depending on the individual dog. Maltipoo. While they can be jumpers, their tiny size and happy personality makes them fantastic for kids and in smaller living arrangements, like apartments. Their long torso and very short legs with curly hair make them one cute breed when you add in their large brown eye and big nose who could resist this cute dog. She is. Pugapoos usually have a low to moderate activity level and are very adaptable to the lifestyle of their family. They are vet checked and up to date on shots and dewormer, and will get to be 10 to 15 … They have a curly coat that is soft to touch. The Black and White Labradoodle has very distinct features that incorporate a white chest, white nose, and a … This dog is another right choice for those who want a lap dog with minimal shedding hair. Both its parents are brilliant, so you can expect this Poodle mix to be a highly-capable canine. Did not get him because I wanted a designer dog, I wanted a small dog that did not shed. All Poodle found here are from AKC-Registered parents. Springerdoodles would love to run agility courses, participate in agility training, or try their hand at dock diving. Continue trimming hair on its legs and the stomach. Pet parents will still find them to be an extremely affectionate, kind dog in their own home. Now there are so many mixes the breed is being ruined, other breeds have faults and people are mixing so making the problems worse especially if both breeds carry the bad genes. The Mastidoodle is a large teddy-bear of the dog world. While smaller breeds do not have as many hip or joint issues as larger breeds, Cockapoos still have health issues that relate to smaller breeds. Making sure a puppy gets the proper food, and putting them on hip and joint supplements are both extremely important for Goldendoodles. They are very friendly and outgoing, love to be in the middle of everything. Rehoming my maltipoo cocker spaniel schnauzer poodle mix puppy $1,500 (Carson) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. This Doodle loves colder weather, and during the winter will have much more energy than the summer. This makes these wonderful dogs to have around kids. Lhasa Poos are affectionate and smart dogs. A Mastidoodle is becoming very popular due to its hypoallergenic properties and very easy-going personality. In other words, a Poogle will require plenty of exercises daily. This dog has been here 3 weeks and will not, will not, will not leave my side…I can barely walk lol. I never got bigger then 20 lbs. Your email address will not be published.