Late winter and early spring are, personally, my favorite time of the year to fly fish because I switch to streamer fishing. Along the Fly Fishing Trail this is especially true. Eventually, on your last cast the streamer should be erratically breaking the surface of the water on your retrieve, looking like distressed bait fish. This experience can be beneficial for learning to fly cast, rigging, reading water, hooking and playing fish, and other stream tactics. Streamer fishing is the most exciting way of fly fishing because, typically, larger fish are caught on streamers. We have compiled a list of twenty-five places that you can go to if you are hoping to catch some pretty big trout. Wheth… Public Mountain Trout Waters Search . Add to the mix that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the number one most visited National Park in the nation with an average of 14 million folks annually! I have fished the trout streams in North Carolina for 30 years and have, at one time or another fished just about every stream in the state. Michael Bradley, a Cherokee champion fly fisherman and member of Fly Fishing Team USA likes to fish the trophy waters in Cherokee the best. It's not commonplace to say the best time of year for fly fishing is all year-round, but that's the case with North Carolina. Many of the fish will be right around 20 inches, and a 26-incher gives a nice account of itself. What make’s North Carolina such a good place to fly fish is the abundance of fish and the ability to fish year round. Also, best to not fish for trout once temps hit in the 70-degree range. The trout fishing season peaks out here in May. The tourist season usually is at the peak of June, July, August, and October. Fly fishing, boat fishing,and pier fishing are all found in NC and only a short distance from Avalon. leader. The amount of advertising on social media portraying Western North Carolina as the fishing capital of the south is not all that it is made out to be during the summer months. Most of the rivers in the east are filled with hatchery fish, which makes them plentiful. The best trout fishing seasons for the Smokies is at a lull at best during these hotter months of summer. With such close access to Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, and Georgia the fishing possibilities seem endless. Winter is known as one of the best times to fly fish in Jackson County, as waters are less crowded with fishermen and more populated with fish. You’re out in the fresh air, being part of nature. If you venture out to the Nanty, be warned that practically every boat that comes by will ask you “are you having any luck”. It is here that anglers quickly learn why North Carolina is the trout capital of the South. Trout fishing is relaxing and gives you an excuse to spend ample amounts of time in the great outdoors. South Carolina is like a compact, well-oiled machine when it comes to fly fishing opportunities. That translates into dry fly, or top water action - meaning you can see the fish rise up and latch onto your fly. The fall is considered the best trout fishing season here, and it is when the state stocks their rainbow and brown trout. Many of our most popular angling streams serve whitewater rafting, tubers, and other distractions for the overall fly fishing experience. Best of luck! Sure you can seek out the coldest streams still, like the Nantahala River which is a tailwater. If you’re lucky, you may just catch one of the world-class old drums that are found in the area at this time, which can weigh up to 50 lbs! "I go there for numbers and occasionally you'll … Top North Carolina Mountains Fishing Charters & Tours: See reviews and photos of fishing charters & tours in North Carolina Mountains, North Carolina on Tripadvisor. Check out some of the best places in South Carolina to cast your line. If you fish with a friend or loved one, you have time to just be together, talk, and bond. During the past two weeks, air temps are in the 90’s with the water tables very low due to rain deficit. If you were to ask the experts, they would typically choose the tail end of fall and the beginning of spring as … Compare that now to trips producing easily less than 20% of those triple-digit days of spring. It runs north from where the Blue Ridge Parkway crosses Raven Fork. To help ensure survival is high you must land it quickly and spend a little time reviving on each and every fish! Use the Public Mountain Trout Waters Search to locate a great new place to fish for trout in the mountains of North Carolina or learn more about the rules and regulations of trout fishing. You can find information on the location of publicly accessible fishing piers, boat ramps, and canoe launches, as well as places that provide bank and wade fishing opportunities. Those maps share 15 top spots that are found in the area, providing both locals and visitors with some fantastic options. best trout fishing seasons for the Smokies, Best Trout Fishing Seasons For The Smokies, best trout fishing seasons for the Smokies, Hatch Report for North Carolina Smoky Mountains, Fly Fishing Specialty Classes & Show Itinerary, Certified Fly Casting Instructor Training Schools, NC Oar Frame Rowing School in the Smokies, Smoky Mountain Weekend Fly Fishing Schools. Spring and fall clients come to fish for their vacations. Summer folks arrive on vacation to escape the heat where they live further south. Summer crowds are here to zip line, whitewater raft, horseback riding, mountain biking, trail hiking, waterfalls, and other outdoor adventures. When is the best time to come and fish in western North Carolina? 800.224.7238 828.488.6199 The majority of all trout fishing in North Carolina is in the mountains. Add to the mix that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the number one most visited National Park in the nation with an average of 14 million folks annually! Let the current swing the fly down stream and wait until the fly has almost straightened out before stripping it in. The trout streams in the Blue Ridge, Appalachian, & Great Smoky mountains of North Carolina from Cherokee to Asheville to Boone host the best fishing streams there are in North Carolina. Due to its lake-fed water, which remains a constant temperature no … Deep pockets can be fished with big terrestrials as well. This is the time of year when you might find larger fish being stocked. If you have been searching for the best places to catch large trout fly fishing in America, then you have come to the right place. This time of year, there is no reason to be limited to a small section of stream. North Carolina’s typical mild weather makes for pleasant days on both natural streams- like those in the Smoky Mountain National Park, and delayed harvest streams. Guided float & wade trips & for all skill levels! Cast cross current again and this time strip slowly as the fly swings down stream. Water temperatures in the streams rise to 50 to 55 degrees, and the fish become more active and plentiful. If you venture out to the Nanty, be warned that practically every boat that comes by will ask “if you are having any luck”. Take a look at the trail’s detailed map to decide where to cast your line. There’s not a bad spot to fish on the trail – the nation’s first of its kind – but there are 15 prime spots to reel in some trout. You can fish anywhere along this river and have a great time, but if you’re looking for a catch to remember, try fishing near the small town of Oriental, NC from mid-summer to mid-fall. Winter Fly Fishing in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee can be fantastic for big trout! Now cast about five feet upstream from perpendicular and let the fly sink a little before stripping it in. All you have to do is show up! The short answer is that western NC has outstanding fly fishing year round. The best trout fishing seasons for the Smokies is at a lull at best during these hotter months of summer. On the wild streams, you can find better fishing at daybreak with temps still in the low 60’s. Streamer fishing gives you a break from watching a stick indicator or struggling with trying to perfect that perfect drag free drift. It is also a lower number due to the Summer crowds being newbie fly anglers versus Spring and Fall anglers having more experience. In North Carolina, enormous fish pour into the brackish Neuse River via the Oregon and Beaufort inlets starting in July. I use a 6-weight much of the time. With temperatures floating in the 75°F – 90°F, if warm weather is your thing then come. This technique works well because each cast brings the fly through a different water column. So activity will be lessened during the next few months. While we still have thunderstorms and the occasional rain shower, humidity levels stay pretty low, unless you are in a valley. If your plans can be flexible, e arly spring and late fall are two favorite times of year because insect hatches are prevalent during these times. Fly fishing is not the main reason they are here during the summer! Did you know that North Carolina is known for its fishing? Usually, a smaller streamer followed by a larger one a few feet behind. Streamer involves traditional casting skills like those that most people associate with “fly fishing.”  Switching to streamer fishing is like casting yourself in A River Runs Through It. The Davidson River, located in the Pisgah National Forrest in Brevard, NC is one of the most popular fly fishing destinations in the state. Big Fish love Cold Weather! You can easily move the fly laterally in the current flow to place the fly next to downstream eddies or over and into likely pockets that could hold fish. Insects on the surface of the water also come to life, which in turn stimulates the fish to bite. We break them down for you in our North Carolina fly fishing guide. It is the second most popular river in the nation with numbers of people for white water rafting. Each year, the Wildlife Commission closes approximately 1,000 miles of trout streams for restocking. However, on the plus, However, on the plus side, you can still learn about trout fishing for an on-stream experience. While it is always fun to work on nymphing skills, late winter/early spring is a great time to streamer fish. Many anglers put their gear up during the “off season” of late winter/early spring, but that’s when you can enjoy some of the best fishing of the year. Delayed harvest stream include the Upper Nantahala River, Tuckasegee River and Snowbird Creek, just to name a few. Check back in a few hours and it has perished. So the folks get plenty of action when the trout are happy due to cool water temps! The Appalachian chain in North Carolina, running from the southwest corner of the state northward and eastward for the entire length of North Carolina's boundary with Tennessee, embraces some of the finest trout water east of the … Trout need cold water to be happy! Revive your trout during the hotter months by facing it upstream and moving it back and forth in riffle water. The dissolved oxygen becomes lower when the water temps warm-up. You can literally fish throughout the state any month of the year. What time of year is best for fly fishing in the mountains of Western North Carolina? When is the best time to come and fish in western North Carolina? During that time, I have kept notes as to how many fish I caught, what were the species, how difficult the terrain and how heavy the fishing pressure appeared to be. May and June are the prime months for trout fishing in the North Carolina mountains. This section provides information on more than 500 publicly accessible places to fish in North Carolina. Get a rod with some backbone that can throw larger heavier flies. This adversely affects their ability to breathe! The Mitchell River is designated "Delayed Harvest," so the best times to fish it are March, April, May, October, November, and December, when you have the best chances of a good number of trout. It was created to spotlight some of the amazing places for anglers to ply their craft, and trail maps are available for anyone who is coming to visit. Anglers refer to such fish as “stunted.”Surveys showed less than 10 percent of crappie were reaching the 8-inch minimum keeper size.Three years ago, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s surveys showed less than 10 percent of crappie were reachin… Many times I will fish two different colors. Spring guide trips produce triple-digit trout numbers on a regular basis. Best Places to Fly Fish in North Carolina. Some of our neighboring states contain great fly fishing trout waters also. Do this same cast again each time increasing the speed of the retrieve. Experts say these are the best streams and rivers to fish in. Once you pick up the technique and spend some time fishing during the off-season, it will likely become one of your favorite times of the year to fish. A float trip allows you easily cover miles of river and not have to worry about trying to wade in the faster and deeper water. And the off-season delayed harvest is just the first reason to enjoy this time of year. You can relax and unwind as you enjoy a day on the water. Southern Appalachian Anglers supplies a specially designed drift boat, all your equipment and a friendly guide that knows all the great fishing spots. The Smoky Mountains region have year around trout fishing, however in the Winter is when we see the biggest fish caught by our guests! Trout will rise all day in the fall and more commonly at dusk in the summer months. I have witnessed this cycle for over thirty years living in Bryson City. If you venture out this time of year you can find water temps in the low 60’s at daybreak for the streams in the Smokies. This stresses the trout greatly and leads to a high mortality rate on rivers like the Delayed Harvest section of the Tuckasegee. Since they are hatchery fish you will catch a lot of smaller fish to each big fish that you catch. I receive an overwhelming amount of calls during the influx of folks on vacation in and around Bryson City during the summer season. So often during the hot seasons, the trout may swim off and look fine. High Rock Lake’s abundant forage, high fertility and catchall fishing regulations that restricted anglers to keeping 20 fish greater than 8 inches resulted in low relative weights. That’s a fact, and we have the pictures to prove it. Best quality learning experience fly fishing guide trips, lessons, classes, fly fishing schools, & trout fishing instruction in the beautiful Smoky Mountains - Bryson City, NC! North Carolina's 10 Best Trout Streams With thousands of miles of trout water, North Carolina is a trout angler's paradise. And if you got there for yourself, you’ll quickly discover why. Asheville Fishing Float Trips Guided fly fishing float trips on the French Broad River in the Asheville area are much fun for both first-time and experienced anglers visiting the North Carolina mountains. Enjoy these North Carolina fly fishing trails, rivers, streams and creeks. Over the years I have seen dozens of native brown trout greater than 28 inches (eight pounds) caught from the river. If the wind comes up, an 8-weight may be better, especially if you use a weighted fly. May 06, 2010 By Jim Casada. These designated waters open for fishing at 7 a.m. the first Saturday in April and close 30 minutes past sunset the last day of February each year. Jackson County boasts the state’s longest contiguous stretch of North Carolina Mountain Heritage Trout Waters, including the Tuckasegee River, one of the most popular spots on the WNC Fly Fishing Trail. North Carolina's Southern Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest and Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to thousands of miles of rivers & streams with world class Rainbow, Brown & Brook Trout fly fish angling opportunities. Many anglers put their gear up  during the “off season” of late winter/early spring, but that’s when you can enjoy some of the best fishing of the year. The Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail was created a few years back, and remains a labor of love for those involved. The trail takes you to 15 excellent spots where you can catch massive brook, brown, and rainbow trout. But for anglers who want more, there are waters to fish almost any time of the year. So if you venture out to explore new waters in the area during the hotter summer months make sure you buy a thermometer and actually use it to find cool water. Best Places to Fly Fish in Western North Carolina. During the summer months, the typical clients change dramatically from the discerning anglers that come during the better trout seasons. Learn to fly fish in Western North Carolina from the top outfitter in the area since 1987. There are many well-written articles and information provided on the internet but due to the lack of Google police, many things are simply not true! The Nantahala temps stay in the mid 50’s all summer long. Steer the fly with your rod. Each successive cast should be five feet further upstream, until you feel the fly bouncing on the bottom of the river. June and July are peak season for whitewater rafting. The Davidson was the first stream in the southeastern United States to be designated as catch and release fly fishing only. Delayed harvest makes western North Carolina a fly fishing destination starting in March. The majority of the National Park lies in Swain County. The tourist season usually is at the peak of June, July, August, and October. Maps displaying publicly accessible trout fishing opportunities in western North Carolina. NC Brown from Deep Creek I have condensed that information into a list I love living in Bryson City, NC because outdoor activities are numerous! Some have easy accessibility for the novice fly fisher and some require more work to find. Fly Fish North Carolina is a fly fishing site for fishermen traveling to North Carolina who want information about streams, hatches, fly shops, trout species, and fishing regulations Pumping the rod will give the fly more action. It is time to bring out the sink tip line and shorten your leader. During the popular summer months Western North Carolina shines as a perfect climate. All of the delayed harvest streams are stocked in the first couple of weeks of March, April and May. When stripping back to the rod, pause after every second or third strip. Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail is the first fly fishing trail in the United States. The longer days and the higher sun angle heats up the water temps into the ’70s on a … To get to the deeper water, fish a dry dropper combination with a long 9-12ft. Late winter/early spring is prime time to catch that trophy brown trout.

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