[disapproval] Leere, unformatierte Felder oder Nullwerte. Si solo lees el libro por encima no te enterarás de nada. read in a single sitting, read without stopping. Learn more. to read. Definition of 'leer'. b vi to read. See more. • LEER (noun) The noun LEER has 2 senses:. Leery definition, wary; suspicious (usually followed by of): I'm leery of his financial advice. read sb the riot act. (todo seguido) read in a single sitting, read without stopping v expr verbal expression : Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." leer entre líneas to read between the lines. : Fields left blank will remain as they were for the individual label. leer ... Spanish learning for everyone. MODISMOS leer la cartilla a algn to tell sb off. Juana leía novelas en el verano. learn verb: saber, conocer, averiguar, descubrir, enterarse de: ... aprender a leer: learn to read: aprender maquinalmente adverb: learn by rote: el aprender noun: learning: aprender acerca: learn about: aprender de: learn from: See Also in English. How to say libro In English - Translation of libro to English by Nglish, on-line comprehensive Spanish – English and English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica, Including: Translation of words and sentences, English synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, audio pronunciation, personal word lists and more Thesaurus. A ese jugador de póker es imposible leerle la cara. : Blank, unformatted fields, or null values. Here's what's included: SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website. Copyright © 2006 Harrap Publishers Limited. Carla was reading the sheet music and playing the piano at the same time. Leer: as in gaze, stare. : The emptiness of the day breathes and door openings powybijanych windows. Show more translations. v. leer la cartilla a alguien ; cantar las cuarenta a alguien. Sentence pairs containing leer translated in English and Spanish. "al que leyere" "to the reader"; leer entre líneas to read between the lines; leer en voz alta to read aloud; leer en voz baja to read quietly. You all (formal) used to read. to learn. Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011, te gusta más escuchar música o leer un libro, you prefer to listen to music or to read a book. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you to learn faster by listening to native Spanish … : Die Leere des Tages atmet und Türöffnungen powybijanych Windows. read. More meanings for aprender. Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers 2011. The man sneezed.). (especially of men) to…. Leer Name Meaning. See Google Translate's machine translation of 'leer'. Translate Leer revistas. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com! Leer definition is - to cast a sidelong glance; especially : to give a leer. Learn more. Dictionary entry overview: What does leer mean? For free. 45 synonyms and near synonyms of leer from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 8 antonyms and near antonyms. An intransitive verb is one that does not require a direct object (e.g. The world’s largest Spanish dictionary. ‘He caught up to her, his face eased into its usual expression, which was something between a smirk and a leer.’ ‘He's still staring at me avidly - it's almost a leer - and he's not an attractive sight.’ ‘She grinned - it was more of a snarling leer - and shook her head a bit, drawing a crossbow from the packs on … Here are some examples of the imperfect tense: Los estudiantes leían el periódico en clase todos los días. Conjugation. Dictionary. (m) means that a noun is masculine. Have you tried it yet? Conjugation. See Also in English. Translations in context of "leer" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: puede leer, leer y escribir, puedo leer, puedes leer, voy a leer Juan leyó la tristeza en los ojos de Ana. Deberías leer las obras completas de Shakespeare. An error occurred while reading the document. She defended her doctoral thesis in front of a panel of professors. A transitive verb is a verb that requires a direct object (e.g. lees (liz) A plural noun indicates that there is more than one person, place, thing, or idea. Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names dijo con una sonrisa lasciva. leer meaning: 1. See authoritative translations of Leer revistas in English with example sentences and audio pronunciations. English words for leer include read, readout, read out, read up and to read. verb. See the full leer conjugation. Help WordReference: Ask in the forums yourself. leer en voz alta Find more words! to read. Leer definition: Collins Dictionary Definition | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples to read. The child read the paragraph without stopping. With Reverso you can find the Spanish translation, definition or synonym for leer el and thousands of other words. (lɪəʳ ) Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense leers , present participle leering , past tense, past participle leered. Find another word for leer. Juan leyó las más de seiscientas páginas de la novela de un tirón. : Leere Felder werden entsprechend für jede Kennung beibehalten. "al que leyere" "to the reader"; leer entre líneas to read between the lines; leer en voz alta to read aloud; leer en voz baja to read quietly. Example sentences: He gave her a leering look. leer translation in German - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'leer laufen',Leer-',Leere',Leber', examples, definition, conjugation ***. Add to list. después de leer sus correos electrónicos... el padre y el hijo habían estudiado pueden leer y escribir, Ella se toma un tiempo para leer el periódico. Danish: habitational name from a place so called in northern Germany, near Oldenburg. leer en voz alta to read aloud. How to say leer in Spanish - Translation of leer to Spanish by Nglish, comprehensive English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica. ¿Qué tienes que leer para pedir la comida. A significant side glance; a glance expressive of some … leer de un tirón loc verb locución verbal: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como verbo ("sacar fuerzas de flaqueza", "acusar recibo"). To look with a leer. Find more Spanish words at wordhippo.com! leer verb. You should read the complete works of Shakespeare. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). The word lees is the present form of leer in the second person singular. Leyó su tesis doctoral frente a un panel de profesores. Un buen analista de medios debe saber leer entre líneas. leer en voz baja to read quietly. (intransitive) To look sideways or obliquely; now especially with sexual desire or malicious intent. … WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2021: Forum discussions with the word(s) "leer" in the title: In other languages: French | Portuguese | Italian | German | Dutch | Swedish | Polish | Romanian | Czech | Greek | Turkish | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Arabic. The Future Tense of Leer. Danish: from ler ‘clay’, possibly a topographic name for someone who lived on clay or an occupational name for someone who extracted or used it. Report an error or suggest an improvement. Collins Complete Spanish Electronic Dictionary © HarperCollins … (especially of men) to…. (Juana used to read novels in the summer.) 1. a facial expression of contempt or scorn; the upper lip curls 2. a suggestive or sneering look or grin Familiarity information: LEER used as a noun is rare. 'leer' also found in translations in Spanish-English dictionary. Marcos me leyó la mente y supo exactamente lo que yo quería. Leer definition, to look with a sideways or oblique glance, especially suggestive of lascivious interest or sly and malicious intention: I can't concentrate with you leering at me. What does aprender mean in Spanish? leer. Is something important missing? leer para sí to read to oneself. Parents must encourage children to read just as teachers do. Hover on a tile to learn new words with the same root. leer definition: 1. Se produjo un error al leer el documento. Dutch: from a reduced form of the personal name Hilaire (Latin Hilarius). A Juan le gusta leer sobre los exploradores. See also: Translation. ¿Cuánto tiempo tardarás en leer este libro? To entice with a leer or leers. Lees definition, the insoluble matter that settles from a liquid, especially from wine; sediment; dreg. Discussions about 'leer' in the Sólo Español forum, ⓘ One or more forum threads is an exact match of your searched term, a book to read - un libro de/que/para/por leer. English Translation. How to use leer in a sentence. (especially of men) to look at someone in a sexually interested way: 2. Los padres deben animar a leer a los niños tanto como los maestros. leer translations: mirar lascivamente, mirada lasciva, mirar con lascivia. Carla leía la partitura y tocaba el piano a la vez. The English for leer atentamente is peruse. Translation Spanish - English Collins Dictionary. Translations in context of "leer" in German-English from Reverso Context: Feld leer, darf nicht leer, leer lassen, sie dieses Feld leer, sie das Feld leer Pronunciation. See more. • LEER (verb) The verb LEER has 1 sense:. (especially of men) to look at someone in a sexually interested way: 2. Become a WordReference Supporter to view the site ad-free. for, to, in order to, of, by. A good media analyst should know how to read between the lines. Examples. If you only skim the book you won't get anything out of it. If someone leers at you, they smile in an unpleasant way, usually because they are sexually interested in you. See more. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Spanish Dictionary. It's impossible to read that poker player's face. para preposition, conjunction. (The students used to read the newspaper in class every day.) 1. look suggestively or obliquely; look or gaze with a sly, immodest, or malign expression reading noun. aguantarse: no se aguantan las ganas de leer, aún era más incapaz de leer a los autores favoritos de él, but a glimpse of my face in the mirror showed rather the leer of a grimace. "al que leyere" "to the reader". I bought a book.).

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