Cant' be beat. It’s forbidden to tie to a tree, so ground stakes must be used (you need to carry your own), but the reward is a huge amount of flexibility in terms of where to stop for the night. Going up (towards Castelnaudary) the inset bollards can be seen but you will need to use bow and stern lines on the same one. PK 139.5    La Redorte bridge (Pont Vieux), quay d/s l/b for 15 boats, water, electricity, restaurant, village 500m l/b. PK 119.4    Bridge (Saint-Julia) Or maybe my Jonathan was trying to tell me something! No crane. PK 203.8    Second passing place Can’t ask for more than that! £625,000; For Sale Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal Tow Path Cottage, Northwich. Don't worry, we will never sell your information to 3rd parties. Prices moorgins Port Royal in France (french canals), boat for sale (Barge, Motor Cruisers, Sailing Boats, Unconverted Barges...), barge holidays, mooring, workshop, chandlery. PK 45.9    Double staircase lock (Encassan), bridge Authority – VNF – Subdivision de la Haute-Garonne: It is sort of interesting to see the ingenuity of solar and wind power options on these ramshackle dwellings until you realize the sewage from each of these boats goes into the canal. 21 Properties Project. The canal passes through a great number of wine-growing areas, including the Hérault, the Aude, Minervois and Corbières, as well as many fields of sunflowers and corn. Phoning ahead to reserve a mooring is advised. PK 76.5    Pumping station, concrete quay under a tree PK 83.9    Railway bridge (main line Toulouse-Narbonne) Crew takes a couple of turns of the bow line around the forward bollard and then darts back to take the stern line from the skipper, around the aft bollard, back to the skipper and then forward to pick up the bow line and control the bow. Required fields are marked *. They are located at mile 50 on the Canal du Midi a nd have a mooring that is ideal for those traveling by boat. Some stretches are highly prone to either silting or to falling leaves forming a ‘soft bed’ that can be ploughed through but which certainly reduces the actual water depth. One of the delights of travelling along the canals is that you can pull over and tie up almost anywhere. This was Castelnaudary, our final stop, we had made it! Our Waterside Mooring website has an easy search facility to help you find your nearest long-term mooring site managed by our Waterside Moorings team. PK 65.4    Bridge (Saint-Roch) Agde is a picturesque and historic town, well worth visiting – about 15mins walk south from the écluse. WEBCAM. It sounds so great to enjoy wine, cheese and pate on the deck. The home of the legendary bean and pork cassoulet baked in goose-fat. We stocked up on bread and stopped for a coffee in an Irish bar which seemed to be the only place open in town. Finally, we struck luck, enjoying a drink or two before heading to La Belle Époque, one of the few restaurants open on a Sunday night that was recommended to try Castlenaudry’s famous dish the cassoulet, a rich slow-cooked casserole containing white beans, duck meat and pork skin. Much larger than we thought, with a decent size lounge, kitchen, three bedrooms and three bathrooms with electric flush toilets. Linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, the Canal du Midi runs through beautiful hills in the shadows of the Pyrenees. PK 0.2     Railway bridge Lost a stake while trying to moor the boat. Expect to pay from about €700 in the low season for a 4-person canal boat, to over €4,000 for larger canal boats in Languedoc's high season. Most ‘nature moorings’ (posts for tying u… From Béziers, we turned around and started off on our three-hour journey back to Campestang. PK 208.4    Deep lock (Béziers), dry dock. and the tiny country of Andorra (smelt strongly of duty-free perfume and cigarettes but hey, it’s got incredible Pyrenees scenery), we met up with our friends Beryl and Jonathan in the charming French town of Béziers. The turn between the two canals is quite tight; you might want to go further into the basin and take a wider approach. north bank – further good, quiet, bankside moorings at PK37, 35.5 and 33. Too full to encounter another giant French meal, we opted for delicious French cheeses and crackers on board Escargot Bleu and playing daft board games. The port is spacious and modern, but in our experience the water and electricity points have never worked. The path was historically built for the mules that towed freight barges down the canal. This is definitely something we would like to try. Easy now, we have mastered the locks as a team, and the boys are navigating the barge as if they have been doing this all their lives. PK 105.0    Carcassonne basin, port de plaisance in town centre and 1500m from La Cité, 59 berths, night €15 depending on number on board (2 to 10 persons, covering water, electricity, showers), Canalous Plaisance hire base, crane on request, slipway, pump-out, repairs. Down by the lock weir is a wooden alligator. East bank. Boats are allowed to moor almost anywhere alongside canal towpaths. PK 58.7    Triple staircase lock (Laurens), bridge I am sure this will go down in history as the most unseasonal weather for early summer. At Fonserannes the six- (formerly eight-) lock staircase lifts boats to the ‘long pound’ (grand bief) which follows the 31.50m contour for no less than 54km to Argens-Minervois. We are cruising the midi in october! We picked up some pain au chocolate in the local boulangerie and fruit from the morning market. It became a stronghold of the Cathar sect, forcibly surpressed in 1209 when the population (15 000–20 000) was massacred in its entirety by Catholic forces. PK 213.8    Lock (Villeneuve), bridge, Villeneuve-lès-Béziers r/b, quays for 5 boats, night €6, water, showers at camp site. Expensive water point. We seemed to be having a few electrical problems, and at one point the boat started to overheat!! 24-hour laundry facilities available at Intermarche in La Redorte. PK 89.1    Bridge (Saint-Eulalie) The middle bridge is the one you have just come through. The little halte beside the bridge over the River Cesse offers a stone quay but no services. Another random man who wanted a light for his cigarette disappeared into the reeds, never saw him again! PK 152.3    Lock (Argens), beginning of long pound Hotel barges are elegant and supremely comfortable, converted from traditional vessels or created as cruising boutique hotels from new. We woke early. But never did a barge tour. Quayside mooring by the bridge, close to the big sandy beaches at la Tamarissière. There is now practically nothing to show of the old canal, but some masonry of the at least one of the écluses survives. PK 5.2    Toulouse port de plaisance (Port Saint-Sauveur), moorings 800m from city centre, 40 berths, night €11.90, diesel, water, electricity, showers, slipway, pump-out. There were some nice looking restaurants by the canal side for drinks, but they were a bit pushy about eating there, so we wandered across the town bridge and found Lou Tres Bes, a very friendly restaurant with reasonably priced menus. Highly recommend – fantastic food, friendly staff and generous portion sizes. How would we explain that one to France Afloat!! We enjoyed a breakfast of croissants and coffee up on deck, before strolling into town to gather a few last minute supplies from the local store. We woke early and went for a walk around the town, picking up some freshly baked baguettes at the local boulangerie. PK 0.3    Bridge (Ponts Jumeaux) When in doubt, just head to the tourist office! The best place is outside the friendly and very well run camp-site ‘les Berges du Canal‘ (small restaurant, bar, showers, etc), which has electricity as well as water available. PK 158.8    Aqueduct (Répudre) We were heading upstream, and I really didn’t want to be climbing the ladders in the lock to get out of the boat. You’ll experience the smoothest of relaxing week-long vacations in high style looked after by an expert captain, professional masterchef, knowledgeable local excursions guide and attentive English-speaking cabin staff. Property summary. 2016 marks the 350th anniversary of the royal decree authorising Riquet to build the canal, and the 20th anniversary of the world heritage listing. Canal du Midi Mooring fees. PK 10.6    Canal basin r/b (port technique). PK 116.7    Aqueduct (Orbiel) PK 94.1    Bridge (Caux-et-Sauzens), quay d/s r/b Coming up from the port de l’Embouchure (junction with the Canal de Garonne) you may need to tie up at the downstream wooden pontoon and go and announce your presence. Yes, it would be fun to maybe try out the canals of Belgium, Holland and other parts of France. ‘Bonjour madams, monsieurs!’ There at the door stood an elderly man with a basket full of fruit and vegetables. The maximum authorised draught is 1.80m. I am sure this will go down in history as the most unseasonal weather for early summer. As on most waterways, the given depth is the middle of the channel; the sides may be noticeably less deep and this may affect coming alongside, especially if one has twin bilge keels or twin propellers. See more ideas about canals, europe, canal. Welcome to Waterside Mooring – the new name for the long term, permanent moorings managed by the Canal & River Trust across England and Wales.. We offer a variety of mooring opportunities across 2000 miles of inland waterways including canals, rivers and docks. PK 67.1    Double staircase lock (Gay) Bicycling the Canal du Midi from Toulouse to Sete is definitely not suited for beginners or families. So after three days driving from our home in Portugal and stopping en route in Ávila, Spain (lovely little town), Zaragoza, also Spain (great tapas!) Use biodegradable shampoos etc. Yes, our bathroom window was open, so even our shower was full of twigs, leaves and the odd blackberry! The fascinating story of the canal’s construction is told by Tom Rolt* in From Sea to Sea. Public quayside mooring to the left, possible bankside on the right before the long series of hire boats starts. A full service port de plaisance, including fuel. PK 77.4    Lock (Villepinte).

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