Guide coat is a coating with a contrasting color to help identify imperfection such as highs, lows, or scratches. Jayson Munro. 320 grit is the best to use for dry block sanding 2K Urethane primer, it’s both rough enough to be able to sand quickly and fine enough to not need much more after you’re done. Simply reduce it 50 percent and lay a coat or two down to seal up all of … You could add another finer grit like 600 but in my experience 400 has proven itself to be fine enough to paint over with most materials. The benefit there is that you can use those finer grits on a block and make straight scratches that will be easily covered by your sealer and color. Sanding scratches will be either straight or circular. Find Summit Racing SUM-UP234G Summit Racing® Epoxy Primer and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! So I do final blocking with it as well. I use Picklex20 and then apply Epoxy Primer (I use Eastwood/Kirker). That way, your equipment will be ready to use the next time you need to apply an epoxy primer. Since there were some sand-thru spots resulting in bare metal, I was thinking about either: 1) just spraying Featherfill over the existing paint, sand, then use Eastwood's 2K Epoxy Primer 50244ZP to seal, or 2) epoxy, Featherfill, sand and epoxy again to seal it before color and clear. Then clean with metal wash or acetone and shoot. 4.7 out of 5 stars 338. First, if you are using epoxy primer on bare metal surfaces, it is important that all existing finish and corrosion has been properly blasted or stripped off. After sanding, use a blow gun to remove any dust and then wipe down the aluminum again with PRE. thats just common sense. The recommended sandpaper grit to prepare bare metal for epoxy primer is 180 to 220 grit. If you have areas with guide coat still showing, you will need to hand scuff those low areas so the new primer will stick (like you did with the filler), clean, prime, and sand again. The solids and activator are required items and the ratio is absolute. It's formulated specifically to prevent corrosion, so epoxy primer won't sand as well as other types, like urethane primer. "An etching primer uses an acid to chemically clean and micro-etch thesurface to give a better mechanical bite on the substrate," explainedEastwood's John Sloane. This will ensure that you don’t have any areas left that are shiny. Eastwood's 2-part epoxy can be applied over steel, fiberglass, body fillers, existing finishes and even aluminum (though you should first use an etching solvent to treat the metal). ). I did two coats of epoxy primer on the bare metal, then I’m going to use filler, then I will put two more coats of epoxy primer to seal it in. Now the Mustang is block sanded with 320 grit., Prep, Prime and Paint your ride the Eastwood Way | Eastwood Blog - VW-AirForce. Once you’ve knocked down most of the dirt or peel, do the majority of your sanding with 2000 grit. Block Sanding Primer – Eastwood Project. JP202 2K Primer Surfacer Primary use: fill and sandability. This 2-part system is a must-have for any restoration project. 2 coats of Kirker Epoxy 2. Fillers designed to go on metal. Wet sanding epoxy primer is usually the best way to prep it because epoxy has a tendency to clog paper when sanded dry. "The … 2 part epoxy is BAD, B A D, stuff so have a professional spray it for you or buy an air supplied respirator. ). Some people prefer to use reducer and some prefer to spray without it, the choice is yours. Just abrade with sandpaper, apply your filler, sand flat and feather the edges. Eastwood Epoxy Adhesion Extreme Chassis Resistance Black Primer 1 Quart Can. I am having paint adhesion problems on car parts (leaf springs, differential, brackets, etc. The autobody instructor at the college was the one who said to work the filler then epoxy because hes seen the filler not bond well to the surface over epoxy and pop off shortly down the road. If this is your first time painting a vehicle, then this is a must see, two-part video series on painting basics by Kevin Tetz: When you’ve sanded out all of the imperfections you’ve found it’s time to buff. I use the Epoxy to be my only primer many times. If you do not expect to paint the vehicle with top coat for an extended period of time then you should wait to sand the surface or spot prime any areas that you break through during sanding. First, there is no dust to breathe in and we all understand the benefits of that. Categories Auto Body And Painting Q&A, Blog, Body Work, LABAP Projects, Primers, … Skip to main content .ca. of activator : 1.8 oz reducer (which could be rounded to 2 oz. You would sand the same way as 2K Urethane Primer—400 to 600 grit wet. Dirt and debris from prepping likes to hide everywhere. I have nothing but good things to say about the product but that is not based on a ton of experience. It's formulated specifically to prevent corrosion, so epoxy primer won't sand as well as other types, like urethane primer. This will ensure that all road grime, dirt, grease and other surface contaminants are removed. If it doesn’t clog the gun it only has one other place to go – onto your fresh paint work. Eastwood Epoxy Primers. When prepping 2K Urethane Primer it’s very similar to prepping polyester primer for paint except that you’ll skip the rougher grit steps. 3 Coats of SPI Epoxy - Very nice in contrast to Kirker!!! Epoxy Primer is often used by restoration shops or home builders. 6 offers from CDN$62.49. Use it For a Final Sealer – A cool trick we’ve been doing for the past few years is using our epoxy primer as a final sealer before our base coat. Eastwood Epoxy Primers Epoxy primer is a great foundation for your paint job if you are priming over bare metal, body filler, and even existing sanded finishes. 99. Of course, there would be the appropriate amount of block sanding between spray layers. Carefully scrape the high spots on the runs or sags. DA or sand the Ospho again, when dry or after a day or so, with 80 grit, wipe it clean with paint manufacturers recommended cleaner and degreaser and spray with 2 part epoxy. Sign up now to receive exclusive email deals, industry news, and new product releases.*. STOP! A gray, 2K urethane primer-filler designed to maximize DOI while providing high build and an exceptional free sanding film without shrinkage or sand scratch swelling. This and for applying clear coat will be covered in the video below. The 80 grit scratches are obviously still visible. Wet sanding 2K Urethane primer is best done with 400 to 600 grit wet/dry paper on a Durablock. Save 5% at checkout. Wet sanding epoxy primer is usually the best way to prep it because epoxy has a tendency to clog paper when sanded dry. Further sanding will only make the surface uneven again. Then clean with metal wash or acetone and shoot. For the epoxy primer I went with PPG OMNI MP 17x series. Eastwood’s direct-to-metal Epoxy Primer suits a variety of needs, providing exceptional resistance to corrosion, fast build, superb color holdout and unsurpassed adhesion to bare metal substrates. But most people will coat the epoxy with a urethane primer ( 2K ) and do the final blocking with that. You could “finish” prep it in order to paint directly over it or you could treat it like body filler and simply block sand it flat and then prime over it with another material. Then scuff the epoxy primer before applying the primer surfacer. Prep, Prime and Paint your ride like a Pro! it makes sense.sand blast or wire brush your welds real good.blow off dust and tack cloth. If you are waiting more than a couple days, the surface should be lightly sanded again prior to topcoat application. It is important that the metal surface is slightly abrasive so that the primer coat will be more adhesive. ... Eastwood Epoxy Primer has self etching properties that chemically bond the primer to the metal rather than just a mechanical bond achieved by normal paints. Two coats epoxy and two coats of chassis paint. Bring reducer into the picture (15% reduction for example) and the ratio would be written like this: 3:1:15%. Eastwood’s 2-part epoxy can be applied over steel, fiberglass, body fillers, existing finishes and even aluminum (though you … People use epoxy and other primers in different ways. Straining the material is a very important step If you don’t strain the paint there’s a good chance you could end up either clogging the gun with stray particles or metallic chunks that might not have broken up properly. To learn more about epoxy primer and for more DIY car tutorials, be sure to visit Epoxy primer serves a wide range of automotive needs, providing quality resistance to corrosion, fast build, exceptional color holdout and strong adhesion to bare metal substrates. A full 3 hours is recommended before sanding. It’s important to note that paint prep is a widely debated topic and there are many ways to arrive at the same high quality result. Hello Select your address ... Dura-Block AF44A Black 6-Piece Sanding Block Set 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,908.

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